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Tiffany Blue Room Ideas

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “Tiffany”? Is it just the idea of a name or does something else pop? Do you know there is a shade of blue called tiffany blue? Several people think tiffany blue is the same as aqua blue or turquoise, mint, or aquamarine. The truth is that it is an entirely different shade of blue that represents elegance and sophistication. It comes from a mix of bright green with a dash of blue. Its first use can be traced to the cover of Tiffany’s annual collection of luxurious jewelry that started print in 1845. Since then, the color has represented the company in all prints ranging from bags to boxes. By 1998, tiffany blue became a patented color with the code PMS 1837 representing the year Tiffany was founded. Since then, color has been associated with all things luxury and elegance. It also represents freshness as well as being relaxed. With its relaxed tone, it exudes an aura of peace and confidence at the same time.

This shade of blue has evolved over the years and has set a trend in the interior decor industry. As a warm color, researchers have found that tiffany blue helps reduce strains on the eye while boosting mental productivity. As a color that represents sophistication and luxury, its use in interior decor is especially unique and should be perfectly understood to avoid creating an opposing effect to what is expected. For example, tiffany blue works great with subdued pastel used as the main color. Although they create a relaxing effect when used as a monotone, this could invoke a feeling of fatigue and negatively impact the nervous system. This effect can be eliminated by cooling the color down with tiffany blue. Having the knowledge of what the color is capable of, helps in using it correctly.

With tiffany blue included in a room’s decor, a sort of assemblage of space effect is created bringing the room with adjacent rooms together as one. It visually unifies and connects all functional zones in an apartment into a single entity. The color’s elegance can also be emphasized by pairing it with furniture made from ebony or dark wood to create a contrasting effect. Additionally, in rooms where colors like beige or brown have already been used, you can introduce the elegance of tiffany blue by adding few accents here and there to lighten it up. This could be in form of a furniture piece, pillow, or wall art just to complement the main tones. Asides from the walls, tiffany blue can also be applied on furniture, wall art or moldings, or other objects thereby making them appear bolder and setting them apart.

Tiffany blue room for boys

It is an age-long knowledge that blue represents boys and this is even practiced right from when you know you are having a boy. Blue baby clothes, shoes, blankets, balloons, and cakes are used to represent a baby boy’s gender reveal at baby showers. However, tiffany blue is one of the best shades of blue that should be considered when decorating boys’ rooms. The color stands out and also gives the boys a sense of confidence while improving mental productivity at the same time. Also, since boys usually have their study area and mini workspace or gaming station in their room, this color will work great as it provides a soothing effect and also enhances focus. Add more tiffany blue to the room with a rug, bedding, duvet, or wooden chairs with cushions in the color. Other possibilities would be to paste a wallpaper having the color or hang a tiffany blue framed wall art at the wall behind the headboard.


Tiffany blue room for girls

Just like boys, girls also have a color associated with them which is pink. Baby girls usually love pink so the ideal decor color for their room is usually pink. Some ‘barbie princesses” even make sure their room is entirely pink without the slightest accent of another color. However, new trends have been set and interior decorators are now changing the status quo when it comes to girls’ rooms. Accents of other colors are now being thrown in girls’ rooms to make it look cooler and warmer and one of the most popular colors being used is tiffany blue. Due to its cooling effect, it has become the main background color in girls’ rooms with dashes of pink here and there. Girls are loving this new trend and are asking for more. If you are going for a tiffany blue background, then you should consider having white trim around the windows and also using bedding sets of tiffany blue paired with white. This combination is extremely beautiful as it gives a minimalist look. Add more drama to the room by having a pink headboard, pink rug, and even a pink reading table to give the room a little bit of contrast. Have a mixture of pink, tiffany blue, and white pillows for extra contrast. This arrangement is creative and also goes against the ‘all-pink’ century-long rule thereby giving the room a unique feel.


Furniture Ideas for Tiffany blue room for boys

Tiffany Blue Adjustable Bookcase

This simple bookcase is an excellent fixture for boys’ rooms and it comes in a tiffany blue hue. It features nine storage cubes leaving enough space for arranging books, crafts, shoes, clothes, potted plants, and other items. Apart from being colorful, it can be reassembled in any size and shape to fit whatever you want to arrange in it. It also comes with a well-illustrated instructional guide so you can install it yourself. It is sturdy and the plastic panels and connectors are waterproof and extra durable.

Gaming chair

We all know boys love their games so it is absolutely necessary to add a gaming chair to a tiffany blue room decor. When choosing a gaming chair for the boys’ room, it is important to note the color as it should match the color scheme of the room. For tiffany blue rooms, a good option would be a chair with tiffany blue color or you can decide to contrast by going for a darker blue shade. Black or white would also work fine as they will create an excellent contrasting effect with the room background color. Also, a gaming chair with a 360⁰ swivel that will provide different gaming angles as well as one with a backrest should be gotten for comfortability. Also, a gaming chair with multiple purposes should be considered so it can be used for other activities like asides from playing video games.


Drawers’ dresser

This storage unit is versatile as several items like clothes, books, and toys can be kept in it. It blends perfectly with a boys’ room as it does not take a lot of space. Boys are known for littering their rooms with toys and other stuff, but with this multipurpose drawer dresser, the problem is solved. It is adjustable and also easy to move around with its lightweight. In tiffany blue rooms, this furniture can be installed in neutral colors like grey to create a contrasting effect.

Furniture Ideas for Tiffany blue girls’ room

5-tier Wall-mounted Corner Shelf

This is a fully functional and easy-to-mount corner shelf that fits perfectly into a tiffany blue girls’ room. It is decorative and does not take up a lot of space as it is mounted on the wall. Items like keys, picture frames, potted plants, makeup boxes, and other girly things can be kept on the corner shelf. A great color for a tiffany blue-inspired girls’ room would be white or pink as it will lighten up the room and add a little bit of drama.

10-Tiers Pink Memories Shoe Organizer

This pink shoe organizer is just a perfect addition to a tiffany blue girls’ room as they blend so well. With 10 tiers, there is enough space for all footwear so they don’t have to be left lying around the room. Asides from shoes, other items like keys, shoe brushes, and polishes can be kept in the side pockets. Going for a plastic or steel tube option allows for easy installation and assemblage and these materials are also durable and have a strong bearing capacity. Additionally, this shoe rack comes with a zippered cover so you can be zip it up to protect your shoes from dust.

Floating desk

This is a multi-functional floating desk that can be mounted on the wall. It is an excellent addition to a girl’s room as it functions both as a desk and also a storage unit for books, picture frames, potted plants, and personal effects thereby conserving more space in the room. It is an affordable fixture and if getting in a white, grey, or pink shade, it would blend perfectly with a tiffany blue girls’ room. This furniture should be considered as it is sturdy, durable, easy to assemble, and also creates more space in the girls’ room so wherever the space is small, this floating desk should be thought of.


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