Tips for Choosing the Best Dining Room Colors

Dining Room Colors – With a myriad of paint colors available, it might seem overwhelming to determine which hue is the right one for your dining room walls. Don’t give up — it’s really not that complicated. Look for an inspirational piece in your dining room, such as chair upholstery, window treatments, a favorite painting or decorative accent, to narrow your wall color options. In addition, choose a hue that resonates with the mood you’d like to create for the space.

Dining Room Colors
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How to Choose Dining Room Colors

Fresh and Airy

If you want your dining room to feel fresh, airy and more spacious, apply pristine white paint to the walls. White walls also provide a crisp backdrop to show off dark-colored furnishings, and it pairs well with almost any decorating style. Substitute an off-white tint for pristine white paint to soften the tone without relinquishing the airy ambiance. Or, if you prefer to maintain an open feel but desire a hint of soft color, use a watery pastel, such as pale green, barely blue, light peach or faint violet for the walls.

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Dramatic and Bold


A dining room enveloped with intense wall colors speaks with loud decorating drama. For example, cover your walls with energetic apple green or electric turquoise paint to boost the contemporary vibes and create striking Dining Room Colors contrast against a white ceiling and wood trim. Apply a velvety plum-hued paint to the walls to foster an impressive aura of lavish grandeur as you dine. Generate a serene atmosphere with a flair of formal sophistication by painting your dining walls in a dark blue shade, such as indigo or midnight blue.

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Warm and Cozy

Make a large dining room feel more intimate and inviting when you raise the decorating temperature of the walls. Warm paint Dining Room Colors include yellow-based tones to make you feel snug and cozy. For example, choose a carmelized orange hue — toned-down orange with a brownish glow — to generate a welcoming atmosphere for a traditional or modern-style dining space. Apply muted gold paint to give the walls a high-end feel with friendly undertones. Red walls can quickly turn up a dining room’s design thermometer but can sometimes overpower the space to make it feel uncomfortable. If you love red but can’t stand the visual heat, apply brick red to only one accent wall.

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Neutral and Modern


Give your dining room walls a fresh coat of neutral gray paint to generate an updated, modern atmosphere. Select a cool gray shade with white undertones to create a crisp, modern ambiance, or pick out a warm gray hue with brownish undertones for a cozier appeal. Stunning black walls convey an uptown, edgy feel but can also make a dining room area feel small and dark. If you must paint all of the walls black, balance the dark Dining Room Colors with white furnishings and shiny silver accessories, such as wall mirrors, candlesticks and vases.

Dining Room Colors

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