Tips for Using a Washer Dryer Combo in a Small Laundry Room

In the past, you may not have had enough space for a washer and dryer in a smaller home, but today, it is possible to find an appliance that is both a washer and a dryer.Washer Dryer Combo Small Laundry Room

This means that you only require half the amount of space to have a laundry room so that you can wash your clothing and linens at home rather than going to a public Laundromat.

Contact a Plumber For Assistance

When you decide that it is time to install a washer and dryer combo in your home, look for a space that is large enough to hold the appliance with some extra space around it.

You will need a way to ventilate the drying components of the combo unit along with having access to plumbing lines. Contact a plumber for advice concerning where you can install a washer and dryer combo appliance.


Best Places For Installation of a Washer and Dryer Combo

To save money on the installation of a washer and dryer combo, a plumber will recommend a space that is near to existing plumbing lines.

If you have a linen closet near a bathroom or a pantry near a kitchen, then these spaces are often appropriate.

An additional place to install a washer and dryer combo appliance includes a walk-in closet that is in a bedroom next to a bathroom.

Avoid Having Clutter Around the Washer and Dryer Combo

It is essential to keep the space around a washer and dryer combo appliance free of clutter to prevent it from overheating.


When you use this type of appliance, it may have very little downtime to cool off. After washing a load of laundry, you can remove the clothing for air-drying, or you can push a button to have the items dried inside the combo unit.

Use a Wheeled Stand For Your Combo Unit

Having an organized space for your washer and dryer combo will make your life easier when the appliance stops working properly. When you contact a technician for a washer dryer repair, he can access the back of the appliance quickly to determine what is wrong.

When you are installing your washer and dryer combo, buy a stand that has wheels to hold the item, making it easier to move the appliance when you want to clean behind it or when you call a repairperson.

Use Organizational Devices

You will want to make it easier to wash laundry by having organizational systems next to the washer and dryer combo. If there is enough space, then you can add built-in shelves and cabinets to hold detergent, bleach and fabric softener bottles in addition to folded laundry.


When you can’t add built-in devices, look for shelving units or laundry sorting containers at a local store.

Hang an Ironing Board On the Wall

In addition, you may want to have a freestanding clothing rack so that you can hang dry clothing immediately.

If you like to press your garments with an iron, then you will need an ironing board nearby. An ironing board can require a lot of space, but you can fold the item before hanging it on a wall or door to reduce the clutter in your tiny laundry room.

With these simple tips you can enjoy your washer dryer combo without feeling you are out of space.


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