Top 5 Interior Design Trends for Tomorrow’s Living Rooms

With living room interiors, just as with other areas and without exceptions, there are a few winners. In the editorial, we saw the trends -not in a crystal ball- but in the realization of our architects, interior design experts and decorators, which systems or installations could belong to the interior layouts of tomorrow…Interior Design Of Tomorrow

Among the interior fitting winners that are there, is the glass roof, the open kitchen and the Italian shower, all remain plebiscite. Nevertheless, architects, interior designers and decorators are there to revolutionize the established orders and make our habitat meet today’s expectations of tomorrow. So in the race for innovation, some trends are on the horizon. Room dividers, net of habitation… Here are our picks for the top 5 future living room interior design trends winners. Attention: the bets are open.

Top 5 Interior Design Trends for Tomorrow’s Living Rooms

Top 1: The Room Divider: the new interior decorative partition

Interior Design Of TomorrowWill the trellis dethrone the famous canopy? Only the future will tell. What is certain is that the perforated wall caracoles at the top of it of the layout. Here, it responds with force and modernity (painting + geometry) to the canopy facing it.

Top 2: The Net of House (or trampoline) file inside

Interior Design Of TomorrowThe net attracts more and more houses and apartments. It must be said that in addition to securing a mezzanine, creating a play or relaxation area, the equipment promotes the brightness and the greater impression. Be careful, we can only too much advise him against anyone who would be dizzy. The effect produced on this living room with white furniture is brilliant!


Top 3: A Hyper-Optimized Wall Arrangement

Interior Design Of TomorrowRetrieve a niche and transform it into a library, opt for tall storage… Whether the space is lacking or not, we always try to optimize the space. Here, the wall in its entirety has been laid out: deco boxes, discreet cupboards, showy storage spaces and even bench. And in its extension is born the kitchen. In this way, this space to live extends to the maximum while remaining refined. The association white / wood makes it both warm and luminous.

Top 4: A Smart Multi-function Cube

Interior Design Of TomorrowWho never thought of having an extra room, without moving. It is possible with cubes! No need to annex a cellar or an attic, to save space and afford another room or office, just rethink the space and incorporate a cube of this type. Made to measure, these boxes combine the functions they need: from the simple storage space to the fitting out of a kitchen and / or a bathroom.

Top 5: The Abolition of Separation between Living Room Areas

Interior Design Of TomorrowTo separate without actually secluding, some bet on the windows and the room dividers. Others, more radically, opted for the abolition of any partitions. They still continue to delineate the space, thanks to the markings on the ground and sets of volumes, colors and lights. We note here the use of  gray tiles and a well-lit false ceiling, to define the space visually.

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