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What Kind of Curtains for Traverse Rods?

People often prefer to go for grommet curtains or decorative poles and rings because of the numerous options they get but certain circumstances can leave you with no other option than traverse curtain rods. 

Traverse Curtain Rods

These are mechanical rods with clips that can move within a track included in the design. Curtain pins are arranged evenly in the small opening of the eyes of the rod. The length of the rod determines the number of clips or eyes present. 

A cord, connected to a master slide or pulley, runs through the rod leaving a sufficient margin for the opening and closing of the curtains. 

Note: you often need to buy drapery pins together with the traverse rod however there are a few custom draperies that come with hooks or pins already sewn into the fabric. 


Why Traverse Rods?

A number of key reasons can necessitate the use of traverse rods, including:

Purpose: if your preference is functionality, not decoration, then traverse rods are a suitable option. This way, you can open and close the drapery using a cord against the use of hands in regular rods and rings. There will be lesser wear and tear on the fabric. 

Width of the window: the width of your window is another key reason to choose traverse rods. For windows wider than 36 inches, traverse curtain rods do not require a support bracket at the center, allowing smooth opening and closing of the curtains. 

Window layering: if you are looking to layer sheers or add a valance, double curtain rods are needed. In this case, double traverse curtain rods are better because it gives you the layered look while the working parts are kept hidden. It looks less cluttered and removes the trickiness that comes with stacking two separate rods. 


Style: if you prefer curtains with a complicated header or pinch-pleat curtains, traverse rods are the best choice to hide the hardware while showcasing the fabric. It gives you a clean and minimalist look. 

Quick 3 steps to choosing the right traverse curtain rods

  1. Decide the kind of curtain you want
  2. Consider the key reasons for choosing traverse rods
  3. Then choose the best traverse curtain rod for the job

The types of traverse curtain rods you can choose from are:

  • Standard traverse rods keep the hardware hidden while showing off the details of the curtain header.
  • Decorative traverse rods are best for people who like to see rods and rings as well as people whose curtains must hang from rings.
  • Double traverse rods are perfect for two layers of drapery or a valance.

Types of Curtains for Traverse Rods

The ultimate question is what type of curtain should you buy for traverse rods? Pinch pleat curtains are generally considered the best option for a traverse rod. 

Pinch pleat curtains work perfectly with the gathered fabric folds of draperies, opening or closing smoothly at the pull of the cord. 


7 great curtains for traverse rods are:

Prim Linen pinch Pleat Curtain

This is a smooth and luxurious drape. Heavyweight but machine-washable materials are used to make it. It is available in a whopping 28 colors.

Cololeaf Pinch Pleated Lined Drapery panel

If you are looking for a curtain to complement your festive home décor, this is a perfect option. 30 bold and bright colors are available. 

Two pages Solid thermal blackout Drape

If you are looking to block out outside noise and keep your room warm, this is an excellent option. Heavyweight material is used with triple-weave construction. 


ChadMade Custom polyester Linen Curtain

It has a simple pinch pleat and polyester linen that give the room a more rustic and natural touch. Also, it has a thermal blackout lining – making it both appealing and functional. 

Macochico Velvet Curtains

These luxurious velvet curtains will add warm elegance to your room and you get to pick from 40 different colors.  

The Curtain Shop Braddock Jacobean Damask Drape

This is a unique and fun curtain, adding color to a room. You will have to get curtain pins because it does not come with pre-installed curtain pins.

Iyuego Solid Thermal Insulated 95% Blackout Curtains

The panels of this curtain cover the entire base as simply as possible. Heat is retained and outside noise is blocked out by the insulation. They are a perfect option for the bedroom, thanks to the blackout liner. It comes in 10 different colors, allowing you to choose your best fit.


Installing Curtains to Traverse Rods

Installing curtains to a traverse rod may appear hard but can be easily done by following the steps below:

  • Lay the curtain on a flat surface and measure the entire width of the drape. This will inform the length of the rod to buy but you can also measure the rod first to buy the correct width of the drape.
  • Measure the length of the curtain: ensure your curtain has the appropriate length, leaving about 1 inch for clearance purposes. Make sure you add the length of the drape to the length of the clearance and subtract three-eights of 1 inch to create room for curtain hooks.
  • Install the traverse rod: insert wall anchors by the corners of the window and use a screwdriver to secure the traverse rod. Ensure the bracket is secured to the wall and know the center of the window for support. 
  • Install the pulley: finally, install the pulley on the rod, put anchor support, and use screws to fasten it.
  • Check if it is working properly by opening and closing the drape. It should open and close without any hassle. 


Curtains for traverse rods are uniquely made and are usually called pinch pleat curtains. They are unique and elegant and hence are worth the selection stress that often comes with them. Selecting the best traverse curtain involves several important considerations; you may have to consult a drapery professional because of the special status of these items. 


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