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Useful Tips to Design Long Narrow Living Room

On first consideration, long narrow living room may look like a design dilemma; but they can be a boon to a busy household by providing the equivalent of two or more rooms in one. A homeowner can create an inviting space in a Long Narrow Living Room that suits her family and their needs while showcasing her decorating style.

Long Narrow Living Room
Eclectic living room layout long narrow space green wall color furniture placement ideas

Long Narrow Living Room Ideas

Define the Sections

Identify the activities that take place in the room and list the furniture necessary for each activity. Divide these activities into two groups based on their importance to you. For example, if one main function of the living room is watching TV as a family, the furniture required is a sofa, a love seat or occasional chairs, a coffee table and a television armoire. Playing board games, doing crafts or reading the newspaper all require table space and several small chairs, creating the second section.

Purple sofa white cabinets long narrow transitional living room ideas

Use Area Rugs


Use area rugs to define the sections. The size of each rug is determined by the furniture required for the section’s activities; the rugs for the two areas may not be the same size but should be the same pattern, color, or theme. Draw a floor plan, place the required furniture and measure the area of the Long Narrow Living Room furniture occupies to determine the size and shape of the rugs. Rugs should extend under the major pieces of furniture while leaving clear areas for people to walk through the room and between the sections. Many carpet, paint or home decor stores offer free online floor planners.

Narrow Living Room Furniture Arrangement Home Interior Decor Ideas

Use Color With Care

Use accent-colored accessories to separate the sections visually but keep the furniture in neutral colors. High contrast colors will make the object of highest contrast stand out most. Use this trick to draw the eye to each section. For example, a red floral bouquet on the coffee table of a TV section decorated in soft blues will draw the eye to that area. Similarly, a bowl of green apples on the table in the craft section of this blue room will draw the eye to the table. Keep the Long Narrow Living Room space open visually with neutral wall colors. Avoid accent walls which draw attention to themselves and away from the separate sections.

Long Narrow Transitional Living Room Furniture by Andrew Suvalsky Designs

Emphasize With Lighting


The design principal governing lighting is to light the traffic patterns first, then the activity areas and finally add mood lighting. First ensure that there is enough light for the inhabitants to move through the long narrow living room from one section to another. Overhead lights and wall sconces can provide this lighting. Then add the task lighting. For example, the craft section requires a hanging lamp over the main table and reading lamps at the reading chairs. The TV area requires side tables with lamps and perhaps an adjustable overhead light. When all the task lighting is in place for each section, add mood light to brighten dark corners. For example, create interest with an up-lighted plant placed in an empty corner.

Long Narrow Living Room

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