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Various Types of Soaking Tubs for Small Bathrooms

Soaking Tubs for Small Bathrooms – If space is the only thing that is the thing stopping you from getting a bathtub think again. There are various types of tubs available for small bathrooms too.

Bathtubs are no longer the privilege of the elite. Moreover, no longer do we have to settle for just shower stalls. The popularity of Soaking Tubs for Small Bathrooms is surging by the day. The standard size of 5 feet long and 14-16 inches deep bathtubs won’t fit in a small bathroom. Thus, one needs to look for those smaller soaking tubs. Although small bathtubs aren’t as spacious as the standard ones, the primary function of soaking and relaxing is met by them. Smaller tubs are usually 4 feet long and 26-34 inches deep. However, they can be customized to your needs as well.

There are different kinds of tubs available in the market today. However, the type you choose will be influenced by different factors, such as the actual size of the bathroom, style, decor, etc. Moreover, let’s not forget about the cost involved. For example, corner and whirlpool tubs are perfect in small bathrooms. However, they can be quite expensive, and may not be a feasible option in your bathroom.

Popular Soaking Tubs for Small Bathrooms


Walk in shower whirlpool bathtubs small bathrooms design
              Walk in shower whirlpool bathtubs small bathrooms design


Deep Soaking Tubs for Small Bathrooms


Deep soaking bathtubs are great for soaking one’s body after a long day at work. These tubs are deeper than the standard ones, in which one can enjoy the feeling of soaking one’s body while sitting in an upright position. These tubs are not long, but deep, thereby allowing you to soak yourself to your neck, as shown in the picture above. Deep soaking tubs are freestanding and take less place than traditional bathtubs, because of their unique ‘deeper than wider’ design. They are the best choice for people who enjoy taking long, relaxing soaks. The exteriors of these tubs can also be customized to match your bathroom decor.

Japanese Small Soaking Tubs for Small Bathrooms

Japanese soaking tubs are a type of deep soaking tubs, however, much more expensive. These bathtubs consume very little space and are deep tubs that require you to sit upright, in the tub rather than lie down. This gives the privilege of sitting in extra deep water, even though one has a small bathroom. These tubs can also be placed at the corners of the bathroom, thus, ideal for small bathrooms. They come with built-in seats and even small ladders to climb into the bath. Japanese soaking tubs are mostly made from wood, although acrylic, stone, and metal ones are also available. These tubs are mostly 4 feet long and 26-34 inches deep. If space permits, you can also opt for the Japanese soaking tubs for two.

Clawfoot Bathtubs for Small Bathrooms


These tubs are deeper than the standard bathtubs and enable you to enjoy all the benefits of soaking without getting cramps. These tubs are primarily made of cast iron, with porcelain covering to give them their elegant look. In this type, you also have the freestanding soaking tub variety, rolled rim clawfoot bathtub, slipper clawfoot bathtub, etc. The slipper claw variety comes with a raised end, that allows the bather to lean his or her back against it. However, these tubs have to be plugged in first before filling water and may also cause leaks from the overflow hole.


Contemporary soaking tubs for small bathroom designs
              Contemporary soaking tubs for small bathroom designs


Corner Style Bathtubs for Small Bathrooms

These bathtubs fit in just about any corner in the bathroom and utilize the corners well. These bathtubs are really beneficial for small bathrooms, where space availability is limited to a very small extent. They even come with additional attachments to hold shampoos, soaps, etc. Corner bathtubs are available in several stylish designs. If you don’t get a standard corner tub, for your bathroom corner, get one custom-made. This way you can also attach additional features if you want. However, before you get one home, make sure you check the dimensions of the doorway and check if it will allow the tub to enter in. These bathtubs are the favorites for small bathrooms.

Whirlpool Bathtubs for Small Bathrooms


No longer does one need to sacrifice those deep tissue massages. Thanks to bathtub manufacturers, small whirlpool tubs are available for those of us who own small bathrooms. Corner whirlpool bathtubs are real space savers, moreover, the small circular ones are also great! However, there are a few factors one has to consider before opting for these bathtubs. The first factor is the size of one’s water heater. Next, is to choose between an air-jet or whirlpool system. In the former, the air is propelled through several small holes, thereby creating bubbles in the tub. In the latter, air and water are propelled out through large jets, thereby giving a soothing massage effect. Besides these factors, there are also various other details to look into. Therefore, make sure you carry out enough research regarding the technicalities of the same, before making your choice.


        Contemporary Small Bathroom Soaking Tub Home Design Photos
        Contemporary Small Bathroom Soaking Tub Home Design Photos


Soaking for an hour in a bathtub after a long day at work is something so inviting. It’s a place to rest your aching muscles and just relax away. Before heading out to select a soaking tub, always measure the exact coordinates of your bathroom and the corner where you want to place it. Finding the right Soaking Tubs for Small Bathrooms can seem daunting, but with a little patience and a lot of research, you can definitely manage to find what you exactly want. Have fun!


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