Wall murals in the kitchen: how to beat the interior in a moody room

Wall murals are a great solution for decorating the kitchen. Such a coating can not only adjust the shape and size of the room, but also make the interior unique, stylish and original. The image on the wallpaper can create a certain mood, which contributes to a pleasant pastime in the room and a charge of positive emotions. Wall murals in the kitchen should be selected based on certain rules, which are described in detail in this article.Wall murals in the kitchen: how to beat the interior in a moody room

Wall murals are able to adjust the shape and size of the room

Wall mural in the kitchen: the main characteristics of the coating

Photowall-paper is not only a beautiful and interesting picture. The coating is characterized by a mass of useful properties. A correctly selected drawing for the kitchen is able to make visual adjustments to the interior of the room. Some images create real optical illusions that allow you to visually expand the walls or raise the ceiling in the room. The maximum effect is achieved when filling the entire wall area with wallpaper.Wall murals in the kitchen: how to beat the interior in a moody room

The standard sizes of finished photowall-paper are 1-3 m in width and 1.7-4.2 in height


Thanks to the numerous image options, as can be seen in the photo of the wallpaper in the kitchen, such coatings fit perfectly into any interior of the room, the main thing is to choose the characteristic theme correctly. The surface of the coating can be smooth or embossed, which creates different effects from the image.

Ready-made murals are available in a width of 1-3 m and a height of 1.7-4.2 m. You can order the product in individual sizes, which will depend on the applied image. Some manufacturers produce wallpapers of different sizes, illustrating a single plot, which makes it possible to choose a product in accordance with the specific size of the room.

The panel consists of several parts of a certain size, which are usually numbered, which simplifies the process of pasting them on the wall. Items with simple patterns or a repeating plot are sold in rolls.Wall murals in the kitchen: how to beat the interior in a moody room

The surface of the photo wallpaper can be either smooth or embossed.


Advantages and disadvantages of photo wallpaper for the kitchen

Wall murals are able to mask small wall defects in the form of cracks, bumps and scratches. High-quality coating is characterized by wear resistance, durability, environmental friendliness, mechanical strength, resistance to moisture, temperature extremes and ultraviolet rays. Wall murals do not need special care. Cloths are presented in a wide range of prices, which allows you to choose the material for a person with any income.

Important! When painting the working area with photowall-paper, the canvas should be additionally covered with tempered glass. This will extend the life of the product without losing its attractive appearance.Wall murals in the kitchen: how to beat the interior in a moody room

Wall murals in the kitchen will make the interior unique, stylish and original

With the help of photowall-paper, functional zones can be distinguished in the kitchen, focusing on the place for rest or lunch. This coating dramatically changes the interior of the room. A room with inexpensive decoration and simple furniture can be a real masterpiece with a properly selected picture of wallpaper for the kitchen.


The disadvantages of photo wallpaper include the fact that the image can quickly get bored and annoying, so the choice of image should be taken very seriously and responsibly.

Types of photo wallpaper in the kitchen: suitable and inappropriate options

In the catalogs of wallpaper on the kitchen there are several types of products. The budget option is paper canvas. The basis of the material is represented by thick paper, on which a layer of vinyl is applied. The coating is quite stable, not afraid of moisture and resistant to wet cleaning.Wall murals in the kitchen: how to beat the interior in a moody room

Non-woven murals are strong, durable and dense

There are also paper wallpapers with a non-woven outer layer. This coating is presented in a wide variety of textures. The pattern on such wallpaper does not fade, does not fade and lasts much longer. However, the surface is not moisture resistant enough. It must be cleaned very carefully using a dry sponge.


Helpful advice! An unacceptable option for the kitchen are clean paper murals and fabric coated items.

Non-woven murals are made of pressed fibers, which increases their strength, density, wear resistance, mechanical resistance to damage. The coating is not deformed. It is easy to stick on and easy to remove. Non-woven wallpaper is UV resistant.Wall murals in the kitchen: how to beat the interior in a moody room

Vandal-proof photo wallpaper with laminated or PVC coating is considered the most reliable

Wall murals on a natural basis are made of fiberglass with subsequent application to the surface of the picture. Such products have an original and unusual appearance. They are not afraid of temperature changes, moisture, are characterized by good breathability, fire resistance and lack of tendency to deformation.


Such a coating will not stretch over time, will not sit down, will not become covered with cracks, and will preserve novelty and brightness. Fiberglass-based wallpapers have an antistatic effect that prevents dust particles from accumulating on the surface. A significant drawback is the high cost of such photo wallpaper.Wall murals in the kitchen: how to beat the interior in a moody room

Wall murals based on natural fiberglass are not afraid of temperature changes and increased moisture

Anti-vandal photo masks having a laminated or PVC coating have special strength and moisture resistance, which contributes to increased wear resistance of the product. Such canvases are not afraid of moisture and abrasive substances, are not prone to mechanical damage and are durable.

Types of photo wallpaper depending on the nature of the surface and the method of gluing

Wall mural can have a smooth or textured surface. In the first case, the product resembles plastic. It is smooth and fairly dense. Such murals are characterized by increased moisture resistance, vapor permeability and wear resistance. However, this coating should be applied to a pre-aligned wall, as the slightest bumps, bulges and dents will adversely affect the appearance of the image.


Textural wall murals on the kitchen wall have embossed surfaces that imitate Venetian plaster, canvas, sand, leather, papyrus and other materials. They are pleasant to the touch. They are easy to glue. With the help of such products, you can create an unusual drawing in the kitchen in the form of wall paintings, oil paintings, or the displayed surface of an old fresco. Textured wallpapers with landscapes, ancient cities, sights and reproductions look especially impressive. Such coatings fade less.Wall murals in the kitchen: how to beat the interior in a moody room

Smooth murals are characterized by increased moisture resistance, vapor permeability and wear resistance

Wall murals can be glued to the wall using special glue or film. In the first case, the process is no different from the design of the surface with ordinary wallpaper. The second option involves the use of products on a self-adhesive basis.

Options for applying images on photo wallpaper

In order for modern wallpaper for the kitchen to serve for a long period without loss of aesthetic appeal, drawing on them is applied in a special way and with special paints. There are two options for printing – with latex inks and UV-curable coatings.


Latex paints are applied on specialized equipment. After the process of painting the canvas, the surface heats up, which contributes to the evaporation of excess moisture and the melting of latex. The result is a dense and durable polymer coating that can be treated with any composition to improve performance.Wall murals in the kitchen: how to beat the interior in a moody room

Drawing on the photo wallpaper is applied in a special way and with special paints.

The second option also involves the traditional application of paints. However, the painted surface is dried by ultraviolet rays. The result is a strong and durable coating, represented by a matrix of polymers. This picture of wallpaper on the kitchen is completely safe for humans. The coating is resistant to all operational loads and impacts.

To increase moisture, light and wear resistance, a varnish layer, a moisture protective composition or a laminating film are applied to the dried painted surface.


Color solutions for photo wallpaper in the kitchen: photo of the interior of the room

When choosing photo wallpaper, special attention should be paid to the color scheme of products, which should harmoniously fit into the chosen style of room decoration and profitably beat its design.Wall murals in the kitchen: how to beat the interior in a moody room

Properly selected murals will fit well into any interior

For a monochrome design or interior, decorated in a simple black and white tone, brightly colored wallpaper for the kitchen is suitable, which will become an accent spot in the room. It is important that the shade of the picture resonates with other elements of the room’s decor. Juicy, rich interior harmoniously complement the photo wallpaper with a black and white image. A suitable option would be wallpaper made using the sepia technique.

The color of the wallpaper in the kitchen has a certain effect on the human psyche. For people who are overweight, it is better to choose products in cool blue or blue tones. Those who complain of a lack of appetite, and families with children, are encouraged to use the murals in warm colors. Ideal option in this case will be lemon, peach and coral tones. Such saturated and “mouth-watering” colors should be combined with kitchen elements and accessories.


Important! For a warm interior, photo wallpapers are selected in sunny colors, and for a cold interior – with shades of the same spectrum.

To design a dark room with insufficient natural light, preference should be given to coatings that use yellow, sand, terracotta, orange and chocolate colors. Such a color scheme will fill the room with warmth and light, creating a sunny and joyful mood.

Helpful advice! Wall murals that are too bright and catchy should not be chosen for the kitchen, as they can annoy a person.

If bright furniture is installed in the room, it is better to choose pastel calm wall murals. The kitchen in monochrome design should be supplemented with contrasting and expressive pictures. Original in this case, images of juicy fruits and vegetables will look. However, the picture should not be intrusive.Wall murals in the kitchen: how to beat the interior in a moody room


Wall murals done in cool blue tones are suitable for overweight people

For southern cuisine, you can choose a wallpaper in cold colors. Natural freshness and coolness will bring blue, lilac and sky blue. In addition, these shades contribute to the visual expansion of the space, as shown in the photo of the design of the kitchen with photo wallpaper. Actual for a small room are paintings depicting an endless sky, water element or mountain theme.

For a polychrome interior, monochrome or black and white coatings are the ideal solution. This image will be accented in the kitchen.

3D murals in the kitchen: lively and original interior

3D wallpaper on the kitchen is very popular when creating an original design. They allow you to create lively, voluminous and realistic images that bring a special charming atmosphere to the interior. Space gets extra volume. However, this option should not be used in small kitchens. This is due to the fact that the effect of the volumetric image is visible only from a certain distance. Looking at him point-blank, you will not be able to consider the uniqueness of the picture.


This coating option is presented in a wide variety of ways, as shown in the photo of 3D wallpaper in the kitchen. This makes it possible to choose a product that matches any design. 3D murals are characterized by increased resistance to moisture, temperature fluctuations, exposure to sunlight, and thermal loads. They are easy to clean and easy to clean. The disadvantages of such a coating include their high cost.

When choosing 3D murals, you need to focus on the size and lighting of the room. For a small kitchen, you should not choose large heaps of small details of the image. This option is best used in a spacious kitchen.

3D murals can be used to paste a small part of the wall. This coating looks good on the ceiling, being a logical extension of the walls. In this case, it is better to use natural themes, and with the help of properly organized lighting, you can create the effect of presence in the plot.Wall murals in the kitchen: how to beat the interior in a moody room

3D wallpapers can visually expand the room and raise the ceiling


Helpful advice! If the kitchen space contains a large number of furniture items and household appliances, the panoramic 3D-image should be low and long.

3D wallpaper for the walls in the kitchen can be simple, LED and fluorescent. The first are divided into standard, large and occupying the entire wall, single, small-sized drawings and panoramic paintings with realistic volumetric image. 3D LED murals can glow in the dark and periodically change the image, due to the built-in microchip with many small multi-colored light bulbs.

Fluorescent murals are distinguished by the fact that their surface emits a pleasant streaming light at night, creating a soft and pleasant atmosphere in the kitchen. Such an image will allow you to organize a romantic atmosphere in the room. This option can be supplemented with backlight.

Fluorescent 3D photo murals are best used in spacious kitchens, since these coatings visually reduce the dimensions of the room.


Options for wall murals in the kitchen, expanding the space

Limited, small kitchen space can be visually increased when using photo wallpaper with certain images.

Expanding murals in the kitchen, depicting a view from the window, have received deserved popularity among the owners of the Khrushchevs. This option allows you to create an additional artificial window in the room, which deliberately adds light, increases the dimensions of the room. Wallpaper is small in size, which is determined by the specifics of the plot. Such an image should in future be placed on the wall near the table. The room should be well lit. The best effect in this case will create spotlights.

Helpful advice! You can enhance the effect of the image going into the distance with the help of a mirror or mirror surfaces located opposite the photo wallpaper.Wall murals in the kitchen: how to beat the interior in a moody room

Wall murals with the effect of expanding the space are ideal for small kitchens


There are several varieties of these photo wallpapers. A popular plot is nature. A colorful meadow, a mountain river, a forest or mountains can be depicted here. Elegant waterfalls, impenetrable jungle and other exotic landscapes look interesting. Different options are shown in the photo of the wallpaper design for the kitchen.


A romantic mood will be made into the interior of the kitchen with a wallpaper overlooking the garden. In the room blooming gardens, trees with fruits, numerous bushes and limitless fields of flowers will organically look.

Marine and urban themes of wallpaper in a small kitchen

Very popular products with sea views, which show a photo of the design of wallpaper in the kitchen. They will appeal to any person. Such an image will fill the atmosphere with tranquility and give a feeling of deep peace. It can be azure boundless expanse or calm sea with an island, a pirate ship. Mysterious and mysterious images of the deep sea with colorful reefs, multi-pass caves, sunken objects and a variety of inhabitants look mysterious, as shown in the photo of a kitchen design with photo wallpaper on the wall.

Helpful advice! For this room, one should not choose the type of raging elements that will cause concern and anxiety among households.


Harmonious in the interior of the kitchen look options with city views. To create a calm and comfortable environment, images of quiet courtyards, narrow streets, side streets in the old part of the city and walking paths along the sleeping quarters are suitable. Wallpaper looks original and unusual (a photo of the kitchen design is a clear confirmation of this), illustrating the starry sky, which will become a bright accent and decoration of the room.

Helpful advice! Strengthen the effect of expanding the boundaries of space will allow the use of LED lighting around the perimeter of the photo wallpaper or only under the ceiling.Wall murals in the kitchen: how to beat the interior in a moody room

One of the most popular options is wallpaper with a city landscape.

Interesting options for wallpaper on a small kitchen

Visually add to the kitchen an additional space murals with false windows and false doors. Windows can be depicted with a frame, over which opens the landscape of a lake, garden, forest, sea coast. The original idea of wallpaper for the kitchen is an imitation of a door with access to the balcony, which offers a panoramic view of the city. Such paintings are a kind of portal, thanks to which you can move to another place.


The existing set of wallpaper options for dining allows you to realize any fantasy: to be at the gates of an old castle, go to the foot of the Eiffel Tower or find yourself in the ballroom of a luxurious royal palace.

For a visual increase in space, it is advisable to use a wallpaper with a short perspective. This can be images of the sea shore, lawns near the house, the edges of the forest.

For rooms with a low ceiling, images containing vertical lines are the best solution. It can be high-rise buildings, towers, statues, trees and other objects, looking up. Narrow kitchens can be adjusted using horizontal motifs. Images of endless fields, spreading rivers, wide beaches, limitless deserts, bridges and sea waves are ideal. Different options are shown in the photo of wallpaper on the wall for the kitchen.

Wallpaper for the kitchen design: photos of successful interior solutions

Originally, blended wallpapers will look in the room, which imitate things that are not in the room. This option is most in demand in small kitchens. These murals can be depicted with a beautiful arch that overlooks the alley, a shelf with books or kitchen utensils, organic extensions of the kitchen space, a long corridor, terrace, balcony, an open window that show photos of wallpaper in a small kitchen.


In the interior of the room, wall murals with reproductions of famous still lifes with a variety of kitchen utensils and food will organically look.Wall murals in the kitchen: how to beat the interior in a moody room

A good solution for the kitchen interior will be a wallpaper with a bright still life

Helpful advice! The design of the wallpaper in the kitchen should correspond to a realistic image that is best perceived by the human subconscious.

For a modern kitchen interior, urban images are suitable. It can be famous world sights, spacious crowded squares, noisy boulevards and city bazaars. Original looking murals that depict fragments of architectural objects. Such compositions are able to turn a normal environment into something special.


An extremely warm, comfortable and cozy atmosphere is created by murals with the image of restaurants and cafes. The interior design can be supplemented with wooden furniture, natural textiles and original decorative dishes. If you decorate the wall in the kitchen near the table with photowall-paper of this theme, the effect of presence in a cafe or restaurant will be created.

The design of the room using photo wallpaper, where memorable photos are displayed, looks unusual and non-trivial. Such a coating is made to order, so it will cost more than ready-made options. However, it will provide an opportunity to create a unique, individual interior in your own kitchen.

Picturesque themes in the design of wallpaper in the kitchen

Romantic natures will appreciate in their own kitchen realistic images of compositions of tulips, roses, chrysanthemums and other flowers. Such a picture will become a real decoration of space. He is able to soften the strict interior, adding a touch of tenderness and warmth to it, as shown in the photo in the interior of the photo wallpaper kitchen.

Macro images are very popular. They are represented by gigantic-enlarged photographs of plants, fruits and flowers. Not only exotic options such as kiwi, pineapple, mango, sakura or orchid will look spectacular, but also native plants: chamomiles, cornflowers, apples, cherries and plums.Wall murals in the kitchen: how to beat the interior in a moody room


Picturesque murals fit perfectly into the interior of a country-style kitchen or Provence

Enlarged coffee beans or spikelets of wheat look stylish and original. Different options are shown in the photo wallpaper for the kitchen.

The picturesque design will help you escape from urban reality and enjoy a natural oasis. For this, compositions with the image of sunset or sunrise, heavenly blue, lakes, deserts, waterfalls and rocks are used.

Where I can paste wallpaper in the kitchen: photo of interior design options

Wall murals are usually located on one of the walls of the kitchen, highlighting a certain area or being a bright accent of the interior. The product may occupy the entire area of the wall or some part of it. The image can act as a beautiful panel and occupy the central part of the surface. The dimensions of such a decorative picture are determined by the value of the image, which can be a spectacular decoration or a design technique for expanding the space.


Most often, a wall near a table is pasted over with wallpaper. Thus, it is possible to distinguish the dining area, as shown in the photo mural in the kitchen near the table. The appearance of a window or door area with this type of coating looks interesting. In order not to deprive the room of coziness, making its interior strange and ridiculous, one should not wallpap a narrow wall in the kitchen with photowall-paper.

Wall mural can fill the workplace in the apron area. For this, products with imitation of wood, stone, wallpaper-brick in the kitchen are suitable. In this case, tempered glass should be glued on the photo wallpaper. Such protection will help to preserve the image in its original form for a long period.

An original and inexpensive solution is to wallpaper the facade of an old kitchen unit. For this, it is better to use self-adhesive options. From above, a layer of varnish should be applied to the coating, which will preserve the freshness and novelty of the product. A practical solution is washable options. Fittings are selected based on the nature of the image. It can be an original addition to the overall picture.Wall murals in the kitchen: how to beat the interior in a moody room

As a rule, murals are placed only on one of the walls of the room


Helpful advice! To prevent the wallpaper from peeling off the edges of the facade, it is recommended to install corners for a neat design of corners.

The interior of the kitchen with photo murals located on the ceiling looks original and non-trivial. For this, PVC products are used. Coatings with floral and floral motifs will be appropriate in this area. A single large element that casts a shadow from itself, creating a three-dimensional illusion, looks unusual and attractive.

How to combine wallpaper in the kitchen with other elements of the room

When decorating the kitchen, it should be remembered that the murals are best combined with ordinary products, the shade of which is selected based on the nature of the image and the general mood in the room.

The colors of the main and accent coatings must be in the same warm color scheme or represent different shades of different saturations of the same color. This approach will create a calm, harmonious and comfortable interior. To do this, combined wallpapers are selected in the kitchen.


When using photowall-paper with the image of megalopolises, it is better to design the remaining walls with plain products without colorful and catchy drawings. Such a solution allows you to balance the interior without overloading it with many complex details. Moreover, such a combination of wallpaper in the kitchen can draw attention to the accent image.

Wall murals with a landscape theme, where juicy greens and bright colors prevail, it is better to combine with the white, beige or pearl gray tone of the rest of the wall covering. For images using delicate and soft shades, you can create contrast in the form of a more saturated and vibrant wall decoration. For example, murals with a composition of white or pink tulips, delicate magnolias can be combined with a noble wine tint of ordinary wallpaper.

Vivid images should be “reassured” with plain furniture and neutral textiles. When using black-and-white photo wallpaper or darkened drawings, you should balance the design by adding bright decor elements. Different options are shown in the photo of the design of the kitchen with photo wallpaper.Wall murals in the kitchen: how to beat the interior in a moody room

Other elements of the kitchen should be in harmony with the photo wallpaper


Important! The kitchen should not be oversaturated with vivid and expressive images and photographs, which will create a chaos effect and imbalance in the interior.

A bright expressive kitchen set will be best combined with neutral murals. It can be an original ornament, macro photography of flowers or a sketch drawing of the old city.

Photowall-paper for the kitchens executed in different stylistic directions

The loft-style kitchen is often decorated in a gray color palette. For the largest and most open wall, you can choose a wallpaper in black and white. Organically fit into the mysterious loft images of New York’s skyscrapers, a panorama of the night city, a view of a huge bridge, picturesque arches, as shown in the photo of the kitchen with photo wallpaper. The blended wallpaper depicting shelves with kitchen utensils will look relevant.

A rustic Provence kitchen should be decorated in light pastel colors such as white, cream, purple, gray and green. Photo wallpaper with small single flowers or compositions of purple and pink shades is able to breathe life into a sleeping environment. An image of lavender is best. Any floristic theme, where small compositions of flowers dominate, will organically fit into the kitchen. Wall murals in the kitchen, illustrating the outdoor terraces of the cafe, the summer areas of the restaurant, also organically fit into the rustic interior.


For a kitchen in the Art Nouveau style, you should choose landscape wallpaper in a light version. Expressive abstractions and macro images are appropriate for this design. Canvases with imitation of natural natural surfaces are also suitable. Beautiful wallpaper on the kitchen with an architectural theme will fit into modern Art Nouveau.

For hi-tech, the best solution would be photowall-paper with abstraction, the image of space latitudes, dark alleys of the night city, famous architectural ensembles. You can also choose compositions with unusual plants.Wall murals in the kitchen: how to beat the interior in a moody room

Food murals fit almost all styles

Photowalls with the image of flower meadows, climbing plants, arbors, flower arrangements in vases will fit into the classic kitchen interior. Landscape paintings will also look appropriate. Images of cozy Italian courtyards, magnificent terraces of royal palaces will successfully complement the general concept.


Pricing Policy: Overview of Popular Photo Wallpaper Makers

The cheapest murals for small kitchens are paper-based products from Russian and Ukrainian manufacturers. Their price is in the range of 500-2000 rubles.

Many design options for washable seamless photo wallpaper with a protective coating are offered by the domestic manufacturer Antimarker. Products are characterized by strength, wear resistance, good vapor permeability and durability. A special place is occupied by anti-vandal photo wallpaper with a special protective coating. They belong to the middle price category. You can buy them on average for 7 thousand rubles.

A variety of frescoes on the wallpaper with different scenes offers the company Fresco Decori. The collections present products with imitation of ancient paintings, wallpapers with a natural texture, with the image of nature, animals, panoramas of the city. The price starts from 10 thousand rubles.

High quality paper wallpapers are offered by the German manufacturer Komar. Products are distinguished by a variety of textures and design. The assortment of products presents various options for photowall-paper with a perspective that contributes to the visual expansion of space.


Among the popular global brands that produce a wide range of wall coverings, we can distinguish the companies Mr Perswall (Switzerland), Eijffinger (Netherlands), Rasch (Germany), York (Great Britain). The price of photo wallpaper starts from 15 thousand rubles.

The algorithm for gluing photo wallpaper on the surface

Photowall-paper is an expensive coating, therefore, in the absence of experience with this material, it is better to entrust the gluing of products to a specialist so as not to spoil the design of the kitchen with photowall-paper on the wall. This is especially true for coatings consisting of several fragments, and products with an unusual texture of the canvas.Wall murals in the kitchen: how to beat the interior in a moody room

If there is no experience, then it is better to entrust the process of gluing photo wallpaper to a specialist

First, surface preparation is performed. The base should be flat and smooth. Next, proceed to the preliminary assembly of the image and the marking of the walls. The drawing is collected on the floor from separate fragments. Its total width and length are measured. Dimensions are transferred to the wall. If the image occupies part of the wall surface, it should be positioned symmetrically with respect to adjacent walls, floor and ceiling. In addition, the drawing should be fully visible.


Helpful advice! The marking for wall murals on the wall should be done using the level.

The next step is to prepare the adhesive. It is applied to the wall and to the wallpaper fragment. The latter should not be impregnated, as this can lead to deformation and loss of strength of the product. If the mural is represented by rolled products, the gluing of individual stripes is performed from left to right. In the case of square elements, the lower left corner is fixed first. The movement continues to the lower right corner, after which the second row is pasted in the reverse order.Wall murals in the kitchen: how to beat the interior in a moody room

Wall murals must be glued from left to right from the 1st to the last strip

Important! When joining fragments, overlapping should be avoided, which will negatively affect the appearance of the whole composition.


If the outer edges of the fragments are outside the allotted boundaries, the excess can be removed with the help of a clerical knife.

Wall mural in the kitchen is able to create an original and unique design. It is important to choose the right image, which should correspond to the general theme of the room, and combine it with other elements of the interior. This will allow you to get a harmonious and complete atmosphere.

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