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Wallpaper trends for every room: a catalog of modern design techniques

In this article, you can learn how to choose the right wallpaper design for every room. Here is a catalog of popular wallpaper design trends using the most popular varieties of finishing materials, tips and advice from professionals on choosing coatings based on the purpose of the room whether it is a kitchen, living room, bedroom or hallway. It contains a brief description of non-woven and vinyl paintings along with their prices.Wallpaper trends on the wall in every room

The best option for easy and quick changes in the interior – wallpapering

Wallpaper design for every room: a catalog of ideas for creating modern design

Periodically, the owner of an apartment or private house is faced with the need to carry out repairs. Most often, difficulties are associated with the choice of finishing material. To do this, you have to browse catalogs of modern wallpaper in stores, booklets and numerous photos on the Internet and look for interesting ideas and design solutions.Wallpaper trends on the wall in every room

The range of wall coverings is very wide and varied


If earlier the choice was based on the purchase of quality finishes, today the range of durable and reliable coatings is so wide and varied that the homeowner has to delve into the decorative properties of materials.

Interesting fact! There is a certain pattern that is confirmed annually. The actual design of the wallpaper is a reflection of textile trends in the fashion world. To choose a modern material for wall decoration, it is enough to follow the evolution of fabrics. In 2021, decorators, interior designers and stylists give preference to floral ornaments and old patterns.Wallpaper trends on the wall in every room

Floral ornaments remain popular along the years

Modern style trends have become more autonomous and flexible. If necessary, fashionable, exquisite motifs can be integrated into modern and high-tech, without harming the integrity of the interior.


What wallpaper is now in style: general design trends

With regard to finishing materials, this year manufacturers seek to emphasize the conciseness and accuracy of the picture. Catalogs of Italian wallpaper in 2021 lack intrusive ornaments, overly catchy shapes and patterns, as well as abstract decor. All this provides a color overload finish. For this reason, it is not recommended to use wallpaper with such designs in modern interiors.Wallpaper trends on the wall in every room

Wallpaper with 3D image will help to create an impressive and unique effect

Experts advise concentrating on the following tones:

  • lightness and lightness due to the use of materials of light colors and shades;
  • contrasts to create accents in the room using monochrome colors, as well as small inserts made in blue, purple, red and other bright colors;
  • the closest approach to nature (for this you can buy cork wallpaper in rolls or a finish that mimics natural materials such as bamboo, stone, wood, etc.);Wallpaper trends on the wall in every room

One of the walls of a white bedroom is covered in bright green wallpaper

  • the combination of several interior design styles due to a combination of decor on wallpaper and furnishings;
  • the use of modern finishes, for example, wide format photo murals, materials with a glossy surface effect or 3D image.

How to figure out wallpaper catalogs: a palette of fashionable shades

Interior designers and decorators suggest that apartment owners should pay special attention to different shades of blue and green this year:

  • indigo;
  • sea wave;
  • deep ultramarine;
  • light blue
    Wallpaper trends on the wall in every room

Universal gray goes well with most shades of the palette

Helpful advice! Blue color and its shades belong to the cold palette, so this type of finish is best used in well-lit rooms located on the south side of the building.

Gray color is universal. It goes well with most shades of the palette and well emphasizes the beauty of the interior of the hallway, bedroom, living room, cabinet. In this gamut, the consumer can choose children’s wallpapers for walls, photos of rooms made in gray in fashion catalogs. They look quite impressive, thanks to the use of bright colors-companions. Due to this, you can get an original, but at the same time unobtrusive design. Neutral gray will be an excellent background for bright textiles, furniture and wall decor in the nursery.Wallpaper trends on the wall in every room


Wallpaper will allow you to create your own design that will reflect the individuality of each

Often, apartment owners are interested in which curtains are suitable for beige wallpaper, photos of bedrooms and living rooms in this color can often be found on the Internet or design magazines, so the question of choosing the decorative component of the interior is just as relevant as buying the decoration itself.

Light beige tones are recommended for use in rooms with a moderate amount of natural light from the street, which are located on the north side of the building. With such wallpaper brown curtains, striped curtains in lilac, beige and purple, blue curtains will work equally well. Other shades are acceptable: dirty pink, light purple, wheat and yellow (in combination with emerald and brown), orange, gray-beige and neutral.Wallpaper trends on the wall in every room

Examples of using wallpaper in children’s rooms


Black and white prints, metallic surfaces and wallpapers decorated with a vertical pattern remain relevant.

Fashionable ideas from the catalogs of wallpapers for walls: photos and prices of popular options for 2021

Most apartment owners prefer non-woven and vinyl wallpapers. These materials are strong and durable, they have an extensive range of textures and colors.

Liquid wallpaper is no less popular, such a finish looks like painting walls. However, unlike conventional coloring, wallpapers are ready to offer a greater number of textures, due to various additives and additives. With careful preparation of the walls, liquid wallpaper can be applied by anyone. The result is a beautiful, seamless coating.Wallpaper trends on the wall in every room

Thanks to textile canvases, any interior can be easily updated.


Also, textile fabrics used for wall decoration in bedrooms and living rooms are in great demand among designers. Such a coating does not interfere with air circulation, looks luxurious and at the same time serves as a good sound insulation.

Important! Textile linens cannot be cleaned with wet wipes, so they are not recommended for use in the rooms of bathrooms and bathrooms, kitchens, corridors and hallways, as well as bathrooms and children’s rooms.Wallpaper trends on the wall in every room

Moisture-proof wallpapers are perfect for the bathroom

Features of vinyl wallpaper on a non-woven basis: Erisman catalog as the basis for design

Vinyl wallpaper is a clean plastic applied over a non-woven backing. This type of material is considered the most popular on the market, because it can be used in any room with almost no restrictions. Such wallpapers are plastic, they have a dense canvas, due to which it is possible to mask minor errors on the surfaces of the walls.


Manufacturers use various technologies to create a design on vinyl wallpaper:

  • silk screen printing;
  • foaming polyvinyl chloride for coatings for painting ;
  • hot stamping;Wallpaper trends on the wall in every room

Thick vinyl wallpaper will help to mask all the errors on the surface of the walls

  • imitation of various surfaces on heavy vinyl, for example, tiles, wood, stone.

Vinyl coatings have a huge selection of textures, colors and patterns. You can verify this by looking at the Erisman wallpaper catalogs. This German manufacturer offers consumers more than 20 collections of modern and fashionable wallpapers of high quality.

Erisman vinyl wallpaper rates:

Style Collection Price per roll, rub.
Children Funpark 800
Classical PRIMAVERA 1450
Arcano 1750-1800
Modern POESIA 1800-1900
Floristry CHARM 1900
Provence MELODY 2000
COUNTRY 2050-2115


To decorate the walls with this material, you will need to purchase a special glue for vinyl wallpaper on a non-woven basis, designed to fix heavy paintings. It is desirable that it has a sufficiently thick consistency and dries quickly.Wallpaper trends on the wall in every room

You can refresh the interior and make the space original by combining wallpaper for painting and ordinary

Features, photos, prices of non-woven wallpaper for walls: manufacturer’s catalog Marburg


Non-woven wallpaper has the same basis as vinyl, but they differ in the top decorative layer, which is a uniform coating consisting of 100% dense fabric. This material is environmentally friendly and practical, although it does not have as much design as vinyl products.

An example of high quality in the market of finishing materials is the products of the German brand Marburg, which includes more than 25 collections of wallpapers for premises for various purposes.


The price of non-woven wallpaper: manufacturer’s catalog Marburg:

Style Collection Price per roll, rub.
Classical ORNAMENTALS HOME 1240-1290
Modern Homestory 1300-1320
Estelle 1310
Floristry Estelle 1530-1570


Helpful advice! When choosing which glue for non-woven wallpaper, it is better to pay attention to the products of high-quality brands – Exclusive, Methylane, Quelyd, Kleo, Pufas. Otherwise, the coating will not fix properly or spots will appear on its surface.

What is the difference between vinyl wallpaper and non-woven

The differences between vinyl and non-woven wallpaper are not significant. Although the individual nuances may matter to some buyers.Wallpaper trends on the wall in every room

The neutral pattern on the wallpaper makes it possible to use them on all walls of the room


Non-woven and vinyl wallpapers differ by the following criteria:

  1. Material – previously it was believed that vinyl is unhealthy, but both of these varieties of wallpaper with a certificate of quality are completely safe for health.
  2. Assortment – vinyl wallpapers offer more design options than non-woven ones.
  3. The level of air permeability – non-woven air permeates well, providing natural ventilation, and rooms with a finish in the form of vinyl wallpaper should be ventilated periodically.
  4. Adhesive for fixing the paintings on the wall – to fix the non-woven coating, any high-quality adhesive designed for paper wallpapers is enough, vinyl belongs to the category of dense materials, therefore, for its gluing, a composition with a very strong fixation is required.Wallpaper trends on the wall in every room

Use in the interior of wallpaper with bright colors

Apartment repair options: wallpaper design, photo in the interior of the premises

The wide range of wallpapers on the market allows the owner of the apartment, even without special skills, to create a modern and fashionable interior in his house.

The most popular wall decoration options in 2021:

  • plain coatings;
  • wallpaper with plots;
  • coverings with patterns;
  • photo wallpaper;
  • fresco coatings;
  • Landscapes
  • geometric patterns;
  • textured and textured surfaces;
  • plant motifs on the wallpaper.Wallpaper trends on the wall in every room

Wallpaper imitating natural materials – this is a simple and economical option to change your interior

Note! If professionals take up the work, then the price of gluing wallpaper per square meter will be from 200 to 700 rubles. This indicator depends on the pricing policy of the company providing the services, the complexity of the work, as well as the type of decoration material.

Kitchen repair using fashionable wallpaper for the walls of 2021

To decorate the modern interiors of kitchens, headsets and furniture items of laconic shapes and calm shades are used. Using the wallpaper on the walls in the room, you can create accents by adding rich colors to the decor. For these purposes, coatings that realistically transmit a picture are suitable. Using laconic forms, rich colors and non-standard effects of photo wallpaper, you can focus on one of the walls and even adjust the space of a narrow kitchen.

Wallpaper trends on the wall in every roomPlant motifs on the wallpaper, always remain relevant


Black and white kitchens are still fashionable. Monochrome gamma will never look monotonous and boring. Due to the contrast, the interior of the room will become original. In this design, you can fit almost any furniture. Even the presence of massive or antique elements will not be able to bring a discord into the design.

Combined wallpaper: design photo in the living room

Typically, the interior of the living room is in a classic style, Provence or retro. If you do not want to load the atmosphere, decorating the walls with bright shades and wide canvases, you can limit yourself to using small inserts. For this, individual sections of free walls, niches and other structural elements of the room are suitable.Wallpaper trends on the wall in every room

Wallpaper decoration will turn the dining room into an interior masterpiece

The following colors will be optimal in this case:

  • brown;
  • purple;
  • red and the like

By using these inserts in combination with a light main background in the living room, you can create an interior in a modern style. Also in the photo of wallpaper for walls in the interiors of 2021, calm shades with prints prevail. Most often, canvases contain geometric ornaments, classic or floral patterns. Successfully look in the interior of the living room combined wallpaper.Wallpaper trends on the wall in every room

The living room can be decorated with wall-paper with graphic floral prints.

The combined design can be obtained in two ways:

  1. Combining plain and patterned wallpaper.
  2. Creating a tandem of different patterns that support different topics.

In this case, the patterns should be harmonious. It is better to combine small and catchy print images on the finish with strict patterns, for example, small flowers and a strip.


Note! It is not advisable to stick large patterns around the entire perimeter of the room, otherwise it will look gloomy and cramped. It is enough to focus on one wall.Wallpaper trends on the wall in every room

The color scheme of the wallpaper resonates with the interior of the room

The presence in the interior of striped wallpaper as the decoration of partitions, niches and ledges will emphasize the peculiarity of these elements of the room, as well as hide irregularities.

Volumetric compositions with the effect of 3D-image, as well as realistic photo wallpaper remain relevant for the design of the living room in 2021. A suitable option in this case will be urban scenes and landscapes, as well as flowers.


A selection of modern wallpaper in the room: a photo of the design of the bedroom

Fashion returned floral motifs to the interiors of the bedrooms. Natural theme with the correct selection of the palette is even suitable for creating a modern design. The classic design of the relaxation room remains shades of pastel colors. The use of bright colors as accents is allowed. Saturated color wallpapers are most often glued to the wall behind the head of the bed, which allows you to highlight the central surface in the room. To design the bedroom can be used and muted tones. However, their application is not without some nuances.Wallpaper trends on the wall in every room

Wallpaper – ideal for decorating bedrooms

Rules for using dark colors in the bedroom interior:

  • to improve the perception of shade in the room, you need to install a sufficient number of lighting devices, for example, lamps, sconces;
  • the presence of a window in the room is mandatory;
  • to make the interior look less gloomy, you can combine dark coverings with light wallpaper decorated with patterns.

An important role in the interior of the bedroom is assigned to shades. White, beige, yellow, pale blue, pink wallpapers and other tones of pastel palette will look good as a background. They blend well with almost all colors. It is much more difficult to achieve harmony in the interior with bright accents. The easiest way to do this is if the room will use textiles and accessories that repeat the coloring of the wall decoration or wallpaper pattern.Wallpaper trends on the wall in every room


For children it is better to choose canvases of muted tones

How to choose a design for wallpapering in the hallway

The trends in the design of the hallway in 2021 repeat the fashion of past years. When choosing a finishing material, it is worth giving preference to patterns of a small size, as well as bright swellings that will visually expand the space.

If the hallway has an irregular shape, it can be corrected with striped wallpaper. This year, coatings realistically imitating natural surfaces have become fashionable. Brickwork made in white or light gray color, stone, imitation of bamboo and light wood bark will look advantageous in the interior of the hallway.Wallpaper trends on the wall in every room

Very popular wallpapers that realistically imitate natural surfaces


Apartment renovation is a responsible occupation, in which the choice of decoration plays a crucial role. Wallpapers are best suited for these purposes. They offer thousands of interesting design options due to the huge variety of textures, colors, drawings and patterns. Using methods of horizontal and vertical combination of wallpaper, emphasis and other design techniques, you can create a modern and stylish interior of the room.

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