Wallpaper trends for living room: a spectacular accent in the design of the room

The drawing room is that room where the whole family gathers, where guests are welcomed. Particularly important family events take place here, so the design of this room is usually given the greatest attention. To make the interior unique, cozy and even eccentric will help photo-wallpapers for the living room. Provided you have the right themes, pictures and material, you can dramatically change the look of the room in a short time. How to do this, the article will tell.Wallpaper trends for living room

Wall murals will help to make the living room interior bright and exclusive

Photowall-paper in a drawing room: advantages of use

For several decades in a row, the use of photowall-paper in the interior of the living room has remained an urgent element of design, since they can be used to realize the most daring ideas and fantasies. Modern photowaves differ significantly from their predecessors, which were popular at the end of the last century. Then the murals were stereotyped and were one-sided – they depicted mainly landscapes.Wallpaper trends for living room

Wall murals on the wall in the living room emphasize the style direction of the room


Now you can pick up wallpapers that match the style, perform the function of the brightest element in the living room. Thanks to many advantages, their popularity is constantly growing. In addition to the functional purpose of photo wallpaper in the interior, they have a number of other advantages:

  • wallpapers with photo images have high color rendering;
  • in the manufacture of modern photo wallpaper use materials that are environmentally friendly, practical and durable;
  • able to visually expand the space in a small room;
  • visually narrow and lengthen the room;
  • create a unique design, atmosphere of coziness and comfort;
  • play the role of the main emphasis in the living room;
  • emphasize the style of the room;
  • can create the illusion of a window.Wallpaper trends for living room

Using photo wallpaper you can visually lengthen or expand the space in the room

A wide range of products on the construction market at the same time facilitates and complicates the process of selecting the desired image. Sometimes it’s difficult to decide even when a decision is made on the style direction and it is necessary to choose the color gamut with accuracy. You can alleviate the problem by studying different types of paintings.

Functionality and design features of the living room with photo wallpaper

The proper use of photo wallpaper will allow you to achieve different visual effects. Particular attention should be paid to the organization of light and the choice of accessories, then you can successfully zonate the space: visually make a small room wider and lower ceilings higher.


The living room is a multifunctional room, which is most often divided into a number of zones, in particular:

  • place of rest and relaxation;
  • reception area;
  • dining room;
  • a work area with a desk or computer desk;
  • sleeping place.

Helpful advice! The proper use of photo wallpaper will help to solve many design problems in the interior of the living room.Wallpaper trends for living room

Most often, wall murals are used to create an accent wall.

Thus, this room has functional zones, which can be divided using photo wallpaper on the wall. Photos for the living room, used on canvases, in this case, are used to perform a number of techniques:

  1. In the role of an accent wall, which is fully or partially pasted over, covering the main area with a photograph.
  2. To separate the functional areas, you can use the accent strip, emphasizing the location of the dining room set and upholstered furniture.
  3. Wallpaper in the living room (fresco pictures) is a great decor that does not occupy the entire space, but at the same time can serve as an interior partition.
  4. The role of narrowing the space in large living rooms is played by wallpapers with large elements that do not allow objects to get lost in space. In this case, 3D wall murals with abstract patterns and floral motifs look most successfully in the interior.
  5. In small rooms, light-reflective wallpaper will help expand the space. Canvases with various landscapes of forests, mountains or a megalopolis can cope with this task perfectly. Abstract shapes will create a receding effect.
  6. With the help of wallpaper you can visually increase or decrease the height of the ceiling.Wallpaper trends for living room

Photo wallpaper in the living room is the perfect decoration

Techniques for solving various design problems using photo wallpaper in the living room

Visually expand the area of a small room will help the murals, expanding the space in the interior. For the living room, canvases suitable illusory create a different reality through the formation of a deep effect. Realism to the image will give an object that matches the plot of the wallpaper, for example, a room tree against the background of an exotic landscape.

Wall murals with a perspective that visually leads outside the room also help to expand the space. It can be a street that goes into the distance, or a path in the forest. The main thing is that the selected plot breaks the space, merging the interior and image into a single whole.

With the help of photo wallpaper you can visually change the height of the ceiling. Canvases with a panoramic picture, on which objects were photographed from below, as well as images with vertical lines, will best cope with this task. If the ceilings are very high, then “closer” them to the floor can be due to horizontal panels and landscapes with an extended horizontal projection.Wallpaper trends for living room


Properly selected murals can expand and extend the space

Using special prints, you can change the overall perception of space. For example, objects with altered geometry can give the impression of a concave, convex, or even trapezoidal wall. In the case when it is not necessary to change the spatial features and geometry of the room, but just need to fill the wall, then small format murals that play the role of a painting are suitable.

Helpful advice! Using a panoramic image will help erase borders in a small living room. To this end, adjacent walls are covered with a canvas on which a composite picture is planned. Angles in such cases serve as columns, houses or trees, creating a single panorama.

Photo-wallpaper in the living room: a variety of paintings

Photo wallpaper is distinguished by a number of characteristics. Their combination plays an important role in choosing the right type of wall covering. The species difference is based on material, texture, form and thematic focus. So, according to the type of material, the photo wallpaper in the room is divided into the following types:

  • paper;
  • vinyl;
  • non-woven;
  • laminated.Wallpaper trends for living room

Wall murals differ in materials, texture and themes of paintings

Wallpaper features are distinguished by textured features:

  • under the surface of the canvas;
  • under the marks of smears;
  • with plaster texture;
  • with a sandy structure.

The widest species diversity of photo wallpaper is their theme. They are conditionally divided into the following groups:

  • natural landscapes;
  • animalistic;
  • flowers
  • urban landscapes;
  • abstraction;
  • storyline.Wallpaper trends for living room

By type of materials, wall murals are vinyl, paper, laminated and non-woven


3D wallpapers for walls make up a special category. For the living room, photos on canvases of this type are as close as possible to the original image. Manufacturers also offer self-adhesive wallpapers that are durable and able to be placed on almost any surface without the use of adhesives. In addition, such products do not fade and do not require special care.

Speaking about the types of photo wallpaper, mention should be made of washable or anti-vandal canvases that are easy to wash without the use of special tools. Seamless wallpapers differ from standard options in that they have one large canvas reaching three meters in width.

Material for photowall-paper in a drawing room: photos of various types

Previously, paper was mainly used in the manufacture of photo wallpaper, now a wide variety of materials are used:Wallpaper trends for living room

Laminated photo wallpaper can be varnished, as well as glossy or matte

  1. Paper wallpaper is the easiest option, their main advantages are low price and environmental friendliness. The disadvantages are low practicality and problematic matching of parts. They are suitable if a short service life is expected.
  2. Vinyl is a dense canvas with various textured patterns. For the manufacture of such wallpaper using large format printers with high resolution. The main disadvantage is the large size of the finished canvas, which is quite problematic to glue on the wall.
  3. Non-woven wall murals for the living room are mainly made to order. Their basis is nonwoven of increased density. According to the production technology and the features of gluing, they are similar to vinyl paintings. At the same time, non-woven wallpaper has increased elasticity, which simplifies their use and provides additional strength.
  4. Textile fabrics are quite expensive. This is an exotic material used mainly for painting frescoes and reproductions of paintings by famous artists.
  5. Laminated wallpapers are coated with a special protective glossy or matte film layer. Lacquer is also used as a protective layer on the photo wallpaper.Wallpaper trends for living room

Non-woven wallpaper is characterized by high strength and elasticity.

Helpful advice! For wooden walls, it is better to choose non-woven or paper wallpapers that “breathe”. Vinyl canvases do not allow air to pass through, so they often have a backing made of paper or non-woven, which favorably affects their performance.

It is worth noting that the products can be single-layer with a special substrate – duplex wallpapers. The bottom layer of the web may differ from the top in structural and functional qualities.

Theme of photo wallpaper: photo interiors with a variety of landscapes

Natural theme on photo wallpaper is the most popular. Such canvases give a feeling of unity with nature, which contributes to complete relaxation and restoration of strength after a hard working day. Thanks to the murals of landscapes, the room is filled with multifaceted colors framed by natural light, thus creating an island of nature in the home. This thematic option is very versatile, so it fits perfectly into the design of any room, and not just in the living room.


Modern stores offer a wide range of products, so it’s quite simple to choose the right plot option, while the most popular are as follows:Wallpaper trends for living room

Photo wallpaper with a variety of landscapes are the most popular

  • Wall mural forest;
  • panorama of the garden or park;
  • view from the terrace or window;
  • fields and lawns;
  • seascape.

When choosing a picture for the landscape in the living room, you should pay attention to the texture of the wallpaper. Canvases of high quality look more natural. The higher the quality, the more natural the picture looks. Landscape wall murals forest in the interior, charming with gentle soothing colors, fit perfectly into the design of the living room, decorated in country, Provence or eco-style.

The theme of water is often present on photo wallpaper. Even a drop photographed by macro photography will become a huge source of energy in the room. For lovers of moving water, the best choice is a waterfall. Streams of water flowing down from the mountains and rocks, with great strength and power, will become a universal solution in different stylistic directions – from classic to modern. Exotic plants and animals will fit perfectly into the ethnic style, which corresponds to a specific country or nationality.


Urban theme: city murals in a modern living room interior

For fans of urbanization, the culture of other countries and the dynamics of life, a great choice for designing a living room is a photo wallpaper with a view of the city. Placed on the wall above the sofa in the living room, murals illustrating the city at night or world-famous monuments will create a sense of presence, inspiring thought and creating a dreamy mood.

Fashionable wallpaper for the living room with the image of cities goes well with such ultramodern materials as glass, plastic, metal, leather. Therefore, it is better to use them in the interior. It is better to abandon the bright and contrasting colors on the wallpaper-companions – you should choose a plain unobtrusive color. Do not burden the wall with photo wallpaper furniture – just install chairs and a coffee table.

Important! Urban themes are not only panoramas of megalopolises that fit exclusively into modern styles. In certain conditions, wall murals with the image of various architectural monuments will look great.Wallpaper trends for living room

Wall murals in urban style are city panoramas, architectural elements and attractions


Choose a suitable panorama of the city or give preference to a specific element of architectural development? The photo catalog of the wallpaper for the living room with examples of decoration will help to solve this problem. Manufacturers of these products in pursuit of customers offer a wide selection of paintings on their personal sites, where wallpapers are sorted by sections. Choosing the right option, you should focus on such features of urban landscapes:

  • for a discreet design, it is better to choose contrasting or monochrome paintings;
  • correctly selected colors on the mural with the image of cities will help reflect the general palette;
  • color correlation in the form of repeating shades on the wall and decor items will create the effect of presence.

How to choose the right wallpaper on the wall

When choosing photo wallpapers depicting urban motifs, one should take into account the following nuances:

  1. If beautiful photo wallpapers have come across after a complete interior decoration, it is necessary to focus on the general style and choose the appropriate furnishings and colors so that they harmonize with the image you like.
  2. Of great importance in choosing photo wallpaper is the size of the canvas. In a room full of furniture, widescreen wallpapers with the image of the city will create the effect of crowding and clutter. In this case, it is necessary to select a drawing that visually expands the space, for example, photographs of city streets with a perspective in bright colors.
  3. In a room with a photo wallpaper on one of the walls, you should carefully select a coating for the remaining surfaces. In the case of the urban landscape, it is desirable that this be a plain wallpaper or paint in tone with the color scheme in the image. A combination of three light walls with one dark one also looks good.
  4. Dynamic urban murals with the image of a highway, racing tracks, a night metropolis carry enormous energy, so you need to choose the right place to place them and take into account the personal and temperamental characteristics of households.Wallpaper trends for living room

For city landscapes, it is necessary to carefully select the accompanying decoration of the room

A gentle accent in the interior of the living room: photo-wallpaper flowers

The design of the living room with photo wallpapers depicting flowers is a modern alternative to classic still lifes and floral panels. Panoramas of spring flowering streets and bright meadows will help to “expand” the space, and large images of flowers or scenes on a dark background, on the contrary, will make the room visually smaller. These are the main rules that must be taken into account when choosing macro photography on wallpapers with poppies, tulips, daisies or lilies, as they are suitable exclusively for spacious rooms.


The universality of floral motifs lies in the fact that they fit perfectly literally into any style, perfectly decorating and complementing the interior. Realistic images will allow you to admire the smallest details, for example, an eloquent drop of dew on a petal or a bee on stamens.

Helpful advice! Selected various color accents of floral themes have different effects on the human psyche. For example, images of tulips, depending on the color of the buds, can create the opposite effect: white, cream and yellow act soothingly, while red and black stimulate activity.

Modern quality photo wallpaper can cause a feeling of realistic picture. It is the flowers that can create the most striking accent in the setting, therefore it is necessary to approach with great responsibility the choice of both the canvas itself, and furniture and other interior elements. Also, this theme will fill the void, giving the living room a solid and finished look. The most popular options for floral decoration of the walls are wallpapers with orchids, roses and tulips.

Wall mural roses: romance and innocence in the interior of the living room

A rose is rightfully considered the queen of flowers, therefore it is natural that these flowers dominate on a floral-themed photo panel. The brightness and beauty of flowers, combined with sophistication and nobility will not leave indifferent people with different taste preferences, so you can meet such a photo design in the living room, decorated in a different style.


Depending on the variant of the image, wallpaper with roses has its own subspecies:

  • canvases with the image of one flower, which is fully revealed and has clearly marked petals with picturesque dew drops;
  • a large image of a bud that is closed or partially blossomed;
  • image of one or more flowers on long stems;Wallpaper trends for living room

The image of roses on the living room wall will be the main highlight of the interior

  • Wallpaper a bouquet of flowers with the same buds, made in one color scheme, completely filling the space on the canvas;
  • photos of rose gardens or flowerpots with beautiful flowers;
  • flower still lifes where roses play the role of prima.

Quite often, photos of roses are combined with a variety of musical instruments, for example, with a flute, grand piano or violin, such canvases convey the harmony of wonderful music and a delicate aroma. Mixed themes are a special category, where the rose stands out clearly from the landscape of the garden. Delicate wallpaper with the image of roses can win-win create a beautiful color accent in the interior of any room.

Features of room lighting and color matching wallpaper for the living room

Wall murals designed for a well-lit room will look very different in a dark room. If you ignore the light factor, then instead of a positive atmosphere in the updated room, you can get a depressed mood and even depression due to the fact that the repair went down the drain. The lack of light in the living room will help compensate for drawings on a white background or images made in a warm color palette.Wallpaper trends for living room


For a large and bright room, it is acceptable to choose bright photo wallpaper

Properly selected photo wallpaper should saturate the room with light or, conversely, remove its excess. For example, the colors of wallpaper for the living room with windows facing south, it is better to choose from a cold range. Suitable blue, cyan, dark green, terracotta, purple. For a room located on the north side, it is advisable to choose a warm color palette with the dominance of shades such as coffee, orange, golden, yellow, beige or pink.

Helpful advice! Excellent on the walls of the living room will look enlarged black and white photos from the family archive, made to order in the form of photo wallpapers.

In a room with too high a ceiling, you should pick up a wallpaper with a horizontal pattern that visually lowers it, and a low ceiling will help visually raise the vertical image. Light wallpaper for the living room is acceptable with a shortage of space, and dark and contrasting – in case of excessive emptiness in the room.


A special category of photowall-paper consists of canvases with black and white photographs. They fit perfectly into styles such as minimalism, retro, hi-tech and loft. The combination of opposites in the form of black and white creates contrast, mystery and mystery. Popular graphics, which depict portraits of celebrities, landscapes or architectural objects with a fuzzy outline. Although distinctive black and white shots are unlikely to ever go out of style.

How to choose wallpaper in the living room with different functional purpose

Quite often, the living room, in addition to the main function – receiving guests, can perform other tasks. It all depends on which room it is combined with or in an adjacent state. In each case, one should be guided not only by the style of the room, the rules for choosing colors, but also by the features of the shape of the room.Wallpaper trends for living room

Choosing wallpaper in the room, you must be guided by the features of the form and style of the room

Most often, the living room is combined with a kitchen, which actually serves as a dining room. This layout is common in private homes. Wallpaper for the living room (the photo of the interiors illustrates this clearly) should be selected in the same color scheme with the overall design, adding a little soft shades. It is the photo wallpaper in this case that best copes with the zoning function of the room.


Depending on the location, you should choose the theme of paintings. In the living room area, urban images or any landscape will look great, and in the kitchen area – still lifes or floral motifs. In the recreation area, wallpaper should be glued behind a sofa or armchairs. If the house or apartment has undergone redevelopment, then the rest of the dividing wall will be a great place to place the photo wallpaper.

In the living room, which simultaneously plays the role of a bedroom, it is better to select paintings with a matte, structural or laminated surface. Given the design intent, you can paste over the entire wall, as well as part of it. The photo of the wallpaper for the living room in the studio apartment shows various options for interior decoration. Photowalls should create a soothing atmosphere, it is desirable to be without bright colors, because in this case the room serves as a living room and bedroom. The ideal unifying option is panoramic nature motifs, fragments of the surrounding world, made by macro photography. Wall murals with fireplace – another great option for a combined room.

The advantages of 3D wall murals on the wall: product catalog

Wall murals created using 3D technology add an unforgettable realism to the image. Visually, such canvases on the walls expand the space, accurately conveying the full beauty of photographs of nature or other objects. In addition, they perfectly create the effect of presence.

Helpful advice! The accent wall of the living room with photo wallpaper is better to free from furniture and other objects that will interfere with the overall perception of the image. Even if the decor in the form of an ornament or abstraction is used, then still 90% of the picture should be visible.


The use of such modern technology allows us to convey the infinity of the universe or the bottomlessness of the ocean. The design of the 3D photo mural living room will be truly unique and exclusive. When applying a three-dimensional image, it is very important to think about the lighting in the room, and the photo itself should be located on the entire wall – from floor to ceiling.Wallpaper trends for living room

3D murals are the most realistic and allow you to create an atmosphere of presence

It is believed that 3D photo wallpaper can visually increase the space. At the same time, designers do not recommend using them in very small living rooms, since the lack of space will not allow you to fully enjoy the contemplation of a three-dimensional canvas.

Some 3D photo masks are endowed with fluorescent properties, due to which they can emit weak gentle light in the dark. Since three-dimensional wallpapers are one of the most modern inventions, they are endowed with a number of practical functions and do not require special care. They are produced in a wide variety of colors, including black and white paintings.


Photo-wallpaper for the living room: the area of the paintings

Wall murals in the living room, as in other rooms, can be placed in different places, and this may not necessarily be a wall. The main thing is that they should be in the public domain, as photo-wallpapers for a room have special significance, playing the role of an accent. Along with the traditional placement behind the sofa, a modern alternative solution has appeared, where the photowaves serve as the backdrop for the TV. To have a full understanding of this type of decoration, it is worth considering all the options:Wallpaper trends for living room

The most popular option for placing photo cloths is on the wall behind armchairs or a sofa.

  1. Laying on one wall is the most common way of photo wall mural decoration. Usually this is the central wall, attracting everyone’s attention. The background of the picture, as a rule, has a common color palette with the rest of the finish, but can also create a contrast to the background of the rest of the walls.
  2. Wallpapering part of the wall allows you to divide the room into functional zones. It is this method of zoning that is most often used in the kitchen-living room. Partial wall pasting is also used to highlight certain objects, such as a TV or fireplace.
  3. Corner pasting involves covering the two walls simultaneously with photo wallpaper. To do this, you should purchase a special canvas in which the image visually erases the boundaries in the form of the angle between the walls. This technique creates an illusory impression of being outside the walls of the house.
  4. Making photowalls of all the walls in the room is a very bold design solution with photo wallpaper. It can be successful if light drawings or plots on a light background are selected.

Living room interior with photo murals on the ceiling, in a niche or in the form of a modular picture

It is also possible to place photo wallpaper on the ceiling. Such decoration is most often chosen to create a starry space or a gentle azure sky with clouds. Therefore, exclusively heavenly themes are permissible here, because the photo of animals or sea surf on the ceiling will be inappropriate.

Helpful advice! In order to organically combine photo wallpaper with the rest of the interior, you should determine in advance and correctly their location. A blank wall without windows and doors is best suited for this. Furniture in the background of the image should have a minimum of decor items.


Wall murals are also used to decorate niches in the walls. This is a rather elegant solution that brings a special twist to the interior while preserving valuable space. Most often, for such a design, wallpaper mimicking the view from the window is used.Wallpaper trends for living room

Wall murals located on the ceiling look nontrivial and spectacular

If the wallpaper is pasted on the door, then an association with the portal will appear, which opens the way to a mysterious, yet unknown place. Also, the door can be masked by pasting it with the same material as the walls, or as a piece of furniture. 3D wallpaper in the form of a bookcase or fireplace is a prime example.

Wall murals will help to create a modular picture. To this end, a small canvas is framed in a frame. Most often, the print in such wallpaper is a single image or an enlarged reproduction of a painting by a famous artist. In this case, you should choose a special textured canvas. Wall murals are allowed even on cabinet doors. Such a technique will allow you to transform a boring boring interior or update worn furniture.


Selection of photo wallpapers in rooms with different styles

Wall murals are distinguished by their versatility, since they, thanks to a wide variety of forms, textures and plots, can fit into almost any design plan. Most often, paintings with photo prints decorate the premises in modern styles. Typically, these are images of geometric shapes, abstract drawings, a landscape of a metropolis or an imitation of any natural material, such as masonry. Photo of the modern city will perfectly fit into the urban style, loft, high-tech and minimalism.Wallpaper trends for living room

Due to the wide variety of shapes and textures, murals can be matched to any style

In the classic interior, natural landscapes, flowers, floral patterns or copies of famous classic art paintings with a texture resembling oil strokes, as well as imitations of frescoes, patina or light plaque of sepia will look good.

In romantic Provence, panoramas of lavender fields or the landscape of a cozy courtyard in a French village are welcome. For this area, as well as for the Mediterranean and colonial styles, the sea breeze is perfect. In this case, it is advisable to create an imitation of a balcony. Floral prints in the form of roses, tulips and orchids, as well as eloquent landscapes of mountains and fields will organically complement romanticism.


Almost with any style images with a fireplace will fit perfectly. Suitable wallpapers for a room made in the direction of hi-tech, classic, eco or surrealism. Accordingly, for the implementation of the marine style, one should choose paintings with a water surface, a sunny azure coast, images of flotillas or maps.

Helpful advice! 3D wallpaper with imitation of embossed concrete or brick wall, as well as graffiti patterns typical of the urban area will help to satisfy the loft’s requirements.

The combination of decoration materials with photo wallpaper for the living room: photos of beautiful interiors

In most cases, photo wallpaper is an independent material that does not require additional decoration, but there are certain images that need to be edged. Its presence and appearance depend on the stylistic direction chosen for the design of the living room.

For example, in the classic interior you can’t do without elaborate finishes, the quality of which is ideal for a baguette or a special plinth. Such a border will look especially harmonious against the background of photo wallpaper filling the entire wall. Edging is needed for photo wallpaper in the form of a modular picture or image of a work of art. It is best to use a picture frame, but in modern styles, the edging should be completely eliminated.Wallpaper trends for living room


For the living room with photo wallpaper, it is recommended to select plain decoration materials

If you choose the right finishing option, you get a great combination with photo wallpaper. It is advisable that these be monophonic wallpapers that are in harmony with one of the shades on the photo panel, or products of a lighter tone than the background on the photo wallpaper. Painting walls is also suitable, as you can choose the most suitable shade by mixing paints. Stucco will harmoniously look like a background for frescoes, arches or landscapes, creating a single picture by blurring the borders.

Thus, these types of wallpapers in the house (the photos proposed in the article will help to make a choice) will become a real find for those who like to experiment and create an original interior design. Such a living room decor will allow you to effectively transform the room in the shortest possible time. If you choose the right wallpaper, then, in addition to the aesthetic function, they will help to solve a number of problems, for example, visually expand the walls or raise the ceiling. The main thing is that the chosen option fits into the general style and is liked by all the inhabitants of the house.

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