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Ways to create unique morning room decorations

Between the 18th and 19th centuries, Victorian homes popularly had a room called the morning room. During those times, the lady of the house makes plans for the day in the morning room. It could be likened to a sunroom based on its functions at the time. Also, visitors who call during the day are entertained in this room. In addition to its use as a casual reception room, morning rooms also served as casual dining rooms due to their proximity to the kitchen at the time. In modern times, the morning room can be useful for general family activities and even a partial dining area. Although morning rooms date way back, their functionalities can still be integrated into modern-day homes. It helps to have a room solely dedicated to planning ahead for the day as well as receiving visitors. The added function of its use as a family activities room also makes it a must-have in modern homes as it helps tighten family bonds. Typical morning rooms are usually constructed with large windows in an eastern direction to enable maximum reflection of sunlight into the room. Similar designs should be adopted for present-day morning rooms as well.

The contemporary morning rooms usually have an eastern orientation with large windows to allow lots of natural light to flood the room.

Morning room design ideas

Once you’ve made a decision to have a morning room in your home, it is important that proper and adequate measures are taken to make the room welcoming and ambient enough to gather your morning thoughts. It should also look beautiful and casual so as to set guests at ease. Also, as a family room, it should be able to give off positive vibes with an aura of peace. This being said, some of the design ideas that can be integrated into the morning room include:

More Light

The contemporary morning rooms usually have an eastern orientation with large windows to allow lots of natural light to flood the room. Modern-day morning rooms should also be designed similarly. Heavy and thick curtains should be avoided as they block natural light from filtering into the room and also gives off a formal setting aura instead of a casual feel. Light curtains can be used for privacy purposes or if you can, leave the windows bare without curtains so the burst of sunlight can fill the room completely. Lighter curtains can also help to adjust the room’s look to something less formal thereby setting everyone at ease. Alternatively, adjustable wooden blinds can be added so they can be lifted or dropped down as the need for privacy may be. They also beautify and add more warmth to the room.


The contemporary morning rooms usually have an eastern orientation with large windows to allow lots of natural light to flood the room.

Warm colors

As established earlier, morning rooms are expected to look informal and casual so it does not throw guests and family members off. Painting the walls in a warm color makes the room more inviting and comfortable for all. A lighter shade should be considered as lighter colors are known to reflect sunlight better and we want to optimize natural light as much as possible in this room. Cream or butter yellow are perfect options for a morning room as they brighten up the room and makes it airier. Neutral colors can be added as accents to the bright colors so the room looks more balanced. A great idea could be to add cool and saturated tones like peach or blue to create a contrast between the lighter shades used. Items like walk hangings, throw rugs and pillows can also be added to the room to brighten it more or contrast the warm accents.


Make it Spacious

A morning room is where thoughts and plans for the day are made and this process could be disrupted if there are too many distractions in the room. Less is usually more so it is imperative to keep the room as clean and tidy as possible with unnecessary items kept away from the room. Only furniture, a few plants, bookcases, and other necessary fittings should be placed in the morning room.

Go Green

Sustainability and eco-friendly practices are the new order of the day and they could as well be integrated into the morning room. A better alternative to artificial air purifiers could be potted plants placed strategically in the room. Smaller potted plants can be arranged on the window ledges while larger plants can be placed in a corner of the room. Asides from providing natural cleansing for the morning room, they also make the room come to life and the flowers can add a burst of color to the room. Flowers placed in a vase and potted plants are also cost-effective and a great way of starting a new day could be to water those plants.

Natural elements

Just like having plants can make your morning room come alive, natural decorative elements can also be added to create a unified look between the room and the landscape outside. For example, having hardwood flooring will make the room look more natural and inviting. Other natural elements that could be added include natural fiber rugs like jute and seagrass which are not just eco-friendly but also provides a warm and cozier feel to the room.

The contemporary morning rooms usually have an eastern orientation with large windows to allow lots of natural light to flood the room.

Climate control

Due to the heavy windows that are suggested, it is important to monitor the ambient temperature of the room to avoid extreme climate conditions which could affect the occupants. A ceiling fan or air conditioner could be installed to regulate the temperature. Having a thermostat is also very important. Another climate control idea that can also serve decorative purposes is earth-friendly bioethanol fireplaces. They warm up the room without giving off harmful toxins, ash, soot, or smoke. There is no need for wood or charcoal as they work on sustainable green fuel so no vents are needed. These fireplaces can be moved around the room thereby giving the room a warmer and cozier feel all day even during the coldest months of the year.


Determine the Use

Lastly, the purpose the room will serve can also determine its look. In contemporary times, morning rooms are usually built as an extension of the kitchen serving as a casual reception area. However, nowadays they are being used for general family activities, daily planning as well as reception areas. For a morning room that will be used more for informal family meals, a casual table and chairs can be added to make meals more comfortable and welcoming for everyone. Also, where the morning room will serve the purpose of entertaining guests more, easy armchairs, rattan furniture, and loveseats should be added to make the room more casual and cozier for guests. Basically, the room decor should fit in with your family’s needs.


Morning room furniture ideas

It has been affirmed over and over again that morning rooms should look cozy, casual, and informal so it is important to place furniture that will give it this look and aura. Furniture pieces that will be placed in the room should not draw too much attention or make the room look stuffy. Less is usually more when it comes to morning rooms. Furniture pieces that can be placed in the room include:

The contemporary morning rooms usually have an eastern orientation with large windows to allow lots of natural light to flood the room.

Casual dining table with chairs

Since the morning room is commonly used as an informal dining area by the family, it is a good idea to place a casual table and chairs to make the morning room more suitable for this purpose. Little casual details like a tray containing cereals and snacks can be placed on the dining table to make it more attractive if kids are around. Benches matching the table are also a good fit for the morning room.

Sofa and armchairs

In cases where the morning room serves more of reception and family entertainment purposes, placing a sofa and a few armchairs in the room gives a cozier and inviting feel. The sofa could be a two-seater with about two armchairs which compliments it. This provides more space for sitting and if a TV is placed in the room, family entertainment time becomes more fun.


Storage cupboards

These cupboards are necessary for keeping items that might be needed in the morning room. Morning rooms should not look too busy or crowded so items can be kept safely in storage cupboards and only brought out when needed.

The contemporary morning rooms usually have an eastern orientation with large windows to allow lots of natural light to flood the room.

Wall-fitted bookcases

In homes where the morning room is used for planning ahead for each day, a wall-fitted bookcase wouldn’t be a bad idea as books, reading, and writing materials can be kept in them. The bookcases are also useful where kids get their homework done in the morning room so their supplies can be kept safely in the bookcase.

Other necessary furniture and decor pieces that can be fitted in the morning room include potted plants, table lamps, nesting tables, ottomans, throw pillows, and many more. They all add to the beauty and color of morning rooms.

Arranging Furniture in a Morning room

Morning rooms are meant to give a relaxed aura therefore, the furniture should be arranged without making the room look busy or crampy. For morning rooms used for family entertainment and informal activities, the sofa can be placed a few inches from the wall with armchairs flanking it by the side. A small coffee table can be placed in the middle and about two wall hangings can be placed on the wall.


For morning rooms serving casual dining purposes, a coffee table flanked with matching chairs and benches should be placed in the room and a storage cupboard where items can be kept should also be installed.

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