What are the 2022 color trends and how to use them when decorating your house

Two months of 2019 are already in the past and with March / April the weather will soon begin to warm up. That is to say that the renovation season is approaching slowly and it is necessary to prepare, especially by inquiring. So, it is high time to discuss the latest appetites in terms of interior decoration of the contemporary house. We will talk about 2019 trend colors in particular since the allusions they create in our minds are among the simplest and most powerful instruments that can be used while decorating.2019 trend colors

As usual, 2019 trend colors will not be examined as such, but will be placed in context to study their effect as well as their interaction with other surrounding elements. So if you have trouble figuring out how a particular tone could work as a wall painting or sofa upholstery, just take a look at the examples in the gallery below and you’ll know the answer right away!

Trends 2019 trendy colors – the vibrant turquoise2019 trend colors

This vibrant nuance halfway between blue and green is not actually a brand new discovery. However, we decided to include it in our 2019 trend color list because it has no intention of going out of fashion without a recent future.

trend colors house decorating ideas 4On the contrary, it allows itself to take even more bold nuances and occupy ever larger surfaces! Adopt it as a mural, integral or on a unique accent wall, and you will get a simultaneously exotic and trendy atmosphere. An important feature of turquoise is its totally Chameleonian ability …2019 trend colors


Sometimes, it pulls well on the green, in other cases it is a color that turns sharply blue. So, be sure to paint the piece in one step because it is very likely to not be able to reproduce the same shade even if you have the names of the colors used in the mixture as well as their exact amounts to the drop.

Golden ocher creates a positive climate and invites good mood!2019 trend colors

This year, opt for as sunny tones as possible to set up a joyful and warm decoration. The warm yellows and rich have organic air and marry and neutral cream tones and fresh blue. In addition, golden ocher is one of the most positive 2019 trend colors!2019 trend colors


Do not feel depressed if you dare not paint 4 walls in yellow canary … A unique accent wall or a piece of furniture occupying a central place in your home, will have almost the same effect! This padded armchair by the window looks really great on the white background, is not it?

Bright yellow and green, separately and together2019 trend colors

The rather bright and sparkling yellows and greens are in 2019 trend colors, whether you use them separately or together. In other words, you can quietly opt for a lime or pistachio wall painting or for a green wallpaper with yellow patterns.2019 trend colors


The other liberal news is that the same idea is just as relevant outside the home as it is in the living room, dining room or kitchen. The garden terrace will be fresher than ever after the addition of some Chartreuse Acapulco chairs or goose poop.

Armchair design in technical green as accent in the living room otherwise sober2019 trend colors

The pinnacle of this craze for everything flashy comes in the form of the so-called green “technical”! And if the first thing you think when you hear this term is the screen of a hacker full of codes in neon numbers, you are not too far from reality. This is a flashy green, almost neon.

Deconstruct the idea somewhat if fluo are not your type at all2019 trend colors

The trend colors 2019 like the classics2019 trend colors

We continue with 2 trend colors 2019, namely: black and red, which are in fact eternal classics. Without cluttering your mind with useless details related to their effects, we will simply leave it up to you to judge whether these tones are worthy of being adopted or they are rather to be avoided in decoration of the house.

Renovated old house- black wall moldings and imposing magical chandeliers!2019 trend colors

Deep red and aristocratic materials for a decor without false note2019 trend colors

An accent wall in cardinal red enhances white furniture2019 trend colors

Pastels are the other eternal stallions that will stay in the wind as well in 2019!interior trend colors 2019

Powdered or earthy, neutral colors are always in order!2019 trend colors

Moldings and bench in pale green and serene for a noble atmosphere2019 trend colors

The trend of minimalist pastels is gaining popularity early this year2019 trend colors

This is the use of very little pigmented colors that come close to off-white2019 trend colors

Anthracite brown mural in colonial living room for admirers of darker tones2019 trend colors

By the way, metallic tones are now considered neutral and not daring!2019 trend colors

Purples and roses are a nice surprise as trend colors 20192019 trend colors

We can meet them in a host of amazing decorative fusions …2019 trend colors

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