What Makes Cork Engineered Parquet so Special?

Cork Engineered ParquetWhat is actually cork parquet?

Cork Prefabricated parquet is similar in structure to the laminate, which is why it is often referred to as cork laminate. In the simplest cork floor variant forms an HDF carrier the basis. The underlying layer is a counterpart to the impact sound insulation. While the impact sound insulation as the bottom layer forms the conclusion. Above the HDF middle layer is the heart of the floor – the decorative layer. Corked parquet is a natural cork finish. For comparison: For laminate, this layer consists of printed paper. To protect the decor and the cork flooring make durable and robust, is applied as a final yet transparent protective layer. Depending on the model and quality of the cork floor, these individual layers are different in strength and made of different materials. The cork lining alone is common to all cork coverings. Especially convenient and easy to lay are models with integrated click system. These are prefabricated forms in the HDF middle layer in the manner of a key-lock principle. The key and lock fit together perfectly, forming a perfectly self-contained system with even plank spacing.

What makes Cork Engineered Parquet so special?

Simply put, the difference between cork parquet and laminate lies in the decorative layer. The cork floor consists of a cork cover, the laminate of pressed paper with decor print. The difference does not sound too big at first, but it’s in itself. Because cork has a lot to offer: Per square centimeter, it has several million air-filled cells that not only store heat outstanding, but make cork to a very elastic and thus joint & back-friendly material. On the other hand, the decor layer made of pressed paper in the laminate is much harder and inelastic. Because cork is inherently water-repellent, it is ideally suited for wet areas such as bathrooms, toilets or spas. In addition, cork has a sound-insulating effect and thus contributes significantly to a pleasant room acoustics. Cork is an extremely fast-growing natural material. While trees need on average about 80-100 years to replace the felled tree population, the cork layer of cork oaks has already regrown after nine years. This makes cork prefinished parquet to the ecologically sensible product.

To protect the soft natural material from scratches and bumps, a protective layer is applied to it. The leading cork flooring manufacturer KWG primarily uses a surface finish based on a resistant water-based paint or a natural hard wax oil. With the Natural Shield water-based paint developed by KWG, even post-sealing of already laid cork parquet is no problem. As a result, the service life of KWG cork flooring can be extended considerably. KWG grants a guarantee of a fantastic 15 years on the cork engineered Morena range.


Which variants of cork finish parquet suits me?

Natural cork decors can be found in the cork parquet collection Morena. The beauty of nature captured in a cork floor and refined with the latest technology. Due to the soft transitions of the individual panels, the cork floor Morena creates a harmonious overall picture. Live in natural beauty with Morena.

The cork prefinished parquet series Q-Exclusivo is aimed at environmentally conscious individuals with high demands on unusual designs. Because the Q-Exclusivo engineered cork flooring is one thing above all else: unique. And that literally. Because every panel is unique! Different pieces of bark are put together with great attention to detail to expressive and extravagant decors. In addition to many beautiful wood decors, the Q-Exclusivo cork collection also includes unusual stone decors in tile look, such as the Evora stone décor.

The cork design floor collection Samoa offers you as a customer the possibility to combine the advantages of a cork finish parquet with the variety of decor of laminate flooring. This is done by adding two further layers of traditional cork parquet. The cork of the finished parquet is provided with a lightfast digital printing layer and then surface-treated. Perfect for those who want to take advantage of the natural benefits of a cork floor, but on beautiful wood designs such as stone pine antiquedo not want to give up. With the cork design floor collection Samoa your room design knows no bounds: How about a cork floor with a trendy white wood decor. Discover now in our online shop raumkult24 the beautiful decors of Samoa cork coverings.

Do you want to know which cork parquet is the right one for you? We are happy to advise you – use our contact form or call us. We are looking forward to your contact.


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