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What You Should to Know about French Country Kitchen

French Country Kitchen is a popular theme used in kitchen design.

French Country Kitchen
Luxury Carved Solid Wood Cabinets French Country Style Kitchen Decor Design

Inspired by country houses in France, the look is considered warm and inviting, yet lightly elegant, and is well-suited for both a cottage kitchen, as well as a large, stately home. Interpretation of the theme can vary widely depending upon personal preference, though it usually consists of earthy, Provençal colors and rustic decorating elements.

Painted wood is frequently used in a French Country Kitchen.

French Country Style Kitchen White Cabinets Ideas

This is done with the cabinetry in particular, as well as the furniture. Rich, warm colors, such as vermilion and gold, are often used, as well as lighter, earthier shades, including taupe and olive green. The earth tones are often employed as the wall colors of a French Country Kitchen, while the warmer shades are typically used as accents. Each Provence inspired theme, however, is individually interpreted by the decorator, and his or her own tastes, and the end result can in some cases be surprisingly modern and sophisticated.

Black bar stools traditional kitchen French country style ideas

The overall space utilized in this kitchen style is not considered important. People can use the French style in wide, open kitchens as well as tiny, cozy units. In larger spaces, the richer colors can be applied more dominantly to help achieve a cozier space if desired, while the lighter taupe and olive shades could be used to help smaller kitchens appear bigger.


Distressed wood, treated to appear weathered and rustic, is often used in French style country kitchen design. Tables, lamps, and other pieces of furniture may be purposefully aged in order to achieve a more rural appearance. Furniture should be sturdy and functional, yet still appear very welcoming and inviting to guests. Exposed beams are another popular wooden addition to French kitchens.

Most French country kitchens feature antique metal accessories, such as cast iron pots or tin kitchenware. A kitchen armoire, which often holds this kitchenware, is frequently displayed in this type of kitchen. Floors should consist of natural materials, such as brick, clay, or ceramic tile. Flagstone is another popular flooring material in French country kitchens.

Natural lighting is typically employed when designing a French country kitchen. Rustic iron or brass light fixtures are the most popular choices for this look. Wood is another option used in lighting. Designers using French country decor may incorporate several types of lighting while keeping the look simple yet informal.

Beautiful French Country Style Kitchen Green Island Cabinets Ideas

Various symbols and designs can be utilized to help further convey a French theme. Roosters are a popular French symbol, as are olives and grapes. Designers use these elements in country fabrics, as well as on the walls or kitchenware.

French Country Kitchen

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