White and gray living room declined in some refined atmospheres to adopt in 2019

white and gray living roomA white and gray living room, it’s chic! And we prove it to you in some modern and super refined atmospheres, which will certainly inspire you! However, the interior in gray and white is a trend that few people dare! Why? Well, simply because they are afraid of ending up with a dark and sad room! But with a few small inspirations and ideas in pictures, it is quite possible to succeed in interior decoration in dark colors! So, do not hesitate and dare gray and white to create a space filled with refinement and elegance!

Top ideas for a trendy white and gray living room!white and gray living room

Far from being dull, cold or old-fashioned, gray is a timeless trend that is back in force in interior design to make your home chic and refined! From light gray to dark gray, adopted by small touches or in total look, this color is a true symbol of elegance, which will only sublimate your living room! In addition, the gray is not only invited in the living room! We also see him conquer the room, the kitchen and the bathroom! Even the most eccentric pieces can already enjoy its undeniable charm! So, if you fall for the color in question, but you do not know how to highlight it, here are all our top proposals in gray and white to give a new look to your living space!white and gray living room

Do you have a living room that needs an urgent cost cut? No problem! The association between white and gray will be your best bet! Why? As a rule, for the living room decor, the white and gray duo plays on elegance and serenity, while adding a graphic touch to the room! Walls, floors, furniture … white and gray will sublimate everything in your living room! But where do you start? The first element, which will benefit from this combination, will of course be the sofa! Mouse gray, pearl gray or anthracite gray: the options to enhance your sofa are many! Associated with white or black, your sofa will allow you to accentuate the modern side of the living room. Moreover, for lovers of contemporary style,

White and gray living room – zoom on the top associations to inspire you!white and gray living room

Becoming timeless and timeless, white and gray are the colors to favor in every home! Having a potential to adapt to all styles of decoration and therefore to all your requirements, these two nuances can be considered as true chameleons allowing any kind of experimentation! Married with pastel colors, the duo in gray and white gives you the opportunity to create a sweet and welcoming atmosphere! On the other hand, when they are associated with black, red or dark blue, these hues begin to have a more assertive character! By and large, the white and gray living room is very easy to achieve!


Living room in white and gray mouse!white and gray living room

You do not like mice? Do not worry, here it is not about to bring these little beasts home! But then, what exactly is the gray mouse and how can we associate it with white? First, you should know that this trend color is indeed a complexion that, as the name suggests, strongly reminds the fur of small mice! Bringing comfort to the interior, the gray mouse dresses walls, accessories and furniture! However, it is considered a support color! In other words, the total look in gray mouse is not to favor, especially in the living room! It is better to coordinate with some keys in white! The vitamin colors are also suitable!

For your white and gray living room, dare wood!white and gray living room

The good trick to create a white and gray living room worthy of its name is simply to play with different materials and nuances! Thus, there is no risk of falling into the dark and monotonous decor! So, for cozy results, do not hesitate to marry gray and white with some wooden elements! The combination of cold complexions and warm materials is probably the best variant to create a living room white and gray just as classic as contemporary! Wood for the floor, furniture or objects of deco, this material is very easy to adopt and combine!white and gray living room

Last but not least, the mix of style in your white and gray living room is certainly in order. To achieve this, you must first find the right formula! Otherwise you risk falling into kitsch! In this case, the most appropriate solution will be to properly arrange your furniture and your decorative items, while coordinating them according to their style and their color. Carpets, paintings, coffee table , cushions, blankets … you are spoiled for choice! So, give free rein to your imagination and design your own unique atmosphere in white and gray! But just before you start, stay with us, because our inspirations on the subject continue!

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