Wonderful Minimalist Decoration for Zen Spirit Ideas

We accumulate objects to no longer know what to do with them. Souvenirs, objects of decoration, accessories, gadgets, gifts, it overflows! It is high time now to make a great sorting and to leave on new bases to try the minimalist decoration, as beautiful to look as pleasant to live.Minimalist Decoration Modern Living Room

To empty his head by making room on his shelves? This is what we propose to do the minimalist decoration that encourages us to content ourselves with the essential. A less crowded space would be ideal in order to regain a peaceful mind. But minimalism is also a matter of aestheticism.

Decorated for a calm mind

Our environment has a considerable impact on our well-being. Living in a poorly tidied house, not very clean or badly decorated can greatly influence our mood negatively.

Conversely, a home in which one feels well, which is tastefully decorated, where everything is in order provides a feeling of satisfaction and well-being. Thus the minimalist decoration by striving to get rid of the superfluous, with its simple, simple style, helps us to have a free spirit.


Of course, there is no miracle. A tortured spirit will find only a partial appeasement to live in a pleasant environment. But you are urged to do the test, living in a housing unencumbered, one feels a certain serenity.

Minimalism: how to use it

To try this style of decoration, one begins of course to make a sort in its affairs. Throw, sell, give, store in the garage or in the attic but disengage!

Second step, we will invest in storage furniture that close. No open bookcase, low table with tray, shelves without doors, we do not want to see anything beyond our furniture.


We will opt for rather modern furniture, with clean lines, in plain and luminous tones. If one appreciates the lacquered style, one can also prefer the simplicity and the naturalness of the wood. But in the perspective of a Zen decoration, we prefer neutral colors like black, white, taupe .


Side accessories, we opt for objects there also to clean lines and sober colors. His windows are covered with curtains and lamps with a lampshade or a ceiling lamp. Some deco objects can be arranged, but they must be chosen with care and be few in number.

Minimalism is not a vacuum. It is the right balance between too much and nothingness, it is simplicity versus superfluity. A balance sometimes difficult to find and that will require some adjustments.

A state of mind in everyday life

After having done everything to adopt this style of decoration, we would soon fall back in our way and buy more and more or less useless accessories almost.

We will then have to learn to cultivate this new state of mind so as not to get lost again. The goal is not to live without never buying anything but to know when we really need or want a thing and buy or give up accordingly.


This requires a real personal effort but also a step back from the false needs created by the advertisers. A difficult exercise that will reward us both personally and financially.

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