2020 Trends and Ideas For Rustic Gardens

The rustic gardens continue to mark a trend in outdoor decor not only for those who are nature lovers and this decorative style, but also for those who even knowing that there are many decorative ways that can be inspired to create your own garden, choose a rustic garden.Rustic country garden design

The rustic style refers to the field and outdoors, that means that the space will show designs of gardens in which simplicity in the materials used: wood, stones, plants…

The rustic country gardens focus on the exhibition of the various elements presenting in a naive and natural way, creating a comfortable, relaxing and appealing environment in both hot and less hot seasons.

Create rustic country gardens

Making a rustic garden can be simple as it admits restored elements, old garden ornaments and objects that can be found in villages and fields. But if we want to buy garden accessories simply and conveniently, we can do it online through different stores, for example Amazon.


A garden decoration enhanced by the use of natural materials will be the first condition to follow to obtain in the garden a reference of rustic idea. In general terms, all the rustic gardens need us to follow some concrete steps to which we will give our personalized style, like the ones indicated below:Rustic garden small backyard design

A very nice way to form a perfect image in our outdoor decoration is to make a stone path, which is very natural and a key way to compose the landscape of the rustic garden.

Placing strategically worn wooden planks that mark the path, will bring the desired vintage image in the decoration of gardens. These planks can be obtained in many ways so that they can even be free or very cheap. That way we can talk about a low cost decoration.

Depending on our own style and decoration options, we can combine the wooden boards with sand, stones, plants, flowers and shrubs, thus creating a personal composition in the garden decoration with a visual effect very pleasant for its simplicity.


The decoration of rustic gardens also allows the inclusion of natural or artificial water, such as a waterfall or fountain; Some even dare to create a small lake to complement the landscape.

In the case of decorating feng shui gardens or zen gardens would be bound.

With regard to the rest area, we will need to create a shady place where we will place the garden furniture chosen for our meetings or leisure time.

Rustic gardens decor step by step

We want to make a small guide on how to build rustic gardens based on simplicity and a moderate expense.


The economic exterior decoration needs the maximum creativity and projects that inspire cozy and comfortable environments.rustic garden baskets

We can not forget that it is outer space of many houses is limited to yards or small gardens, so it is necessary a good planning to achieve our greatest goal: a place that will welcome us.

Perhaps the biggest difficulties we can find to complete a complete  decoration of gardens can be the necessary economic investment, as these projects are usually quite expensive and the limitation of available space, so we want to focus on:

  • Simple rustic gardens
  • Small rustic gardens
  • And the best thing to have a good perception of what we want to transmit is to place in this article several  rustic gardens pictures and photos of different examples.

Decorating Ideas in Modern Gardens

We usually understand the gardens with plants and flowers so, first we must try and fertilize the soil and then choose the plants according to the size of the garden and the place where we want to place them. We will always remember that we must combine the plants for garden with the open spaces and the garden furniture by which we opt.


Once realized the project is very advisable to put it in a plane where we will be adding the different elements that we wish to incorporate:

1. Garden stones

garden stonesThe use of stones are generally included in all gardens, whatever their size or type, we can consider almost indispensable.

2. Garden Paths

garden paths


Roads will bring serenity, tranquility and relax to the environment in the decoration of gardens. We can pose them with the placement of stones, woods, shrubs, pots, etc.


3. Sculptural garden plants

Sculptural garden plants

Perhaps they are more appropriate for large garden decoration, but if we have the whim we can reserve some corner to be able to capture our creativity.

4. Artificial lake

Artificial lake for garden

Water is a very enriching element in any outdoor decoration. We can create a place to place an artificial mini lake even with running water or place fountains for garden.


5. Garden lighting

Garden lighting

Although during the summer we will enjoy natural light for many hours of the day, we can not forget that the evening evenings in the garden have a special charm so we need to place different spots of artificial light. A great option, besides economic, are solar lamps or led lamps. And we want to make a special mention in the light of the candles.

6. Garden furniture

Wooden furniture for rustic garden ideas

The variety in models, designs, prices and types of garden furniture is immense but each of us will select the most appropriate.


7. Awnings, umbrellas and garden pergolas

Garden pergola

It is important to give the attention it deserves to this subject, for we must preserve ourselves from the force of the rays of the sun or the wind. In addition they bring intimacy and warmth to the decoration of environments.

8. Garden barbecues

Garden barbecues

Usually leisure time and meetings are accompanied by food and drink so it is a good idea in outdoor decoration considers the installation of a barbecue to facilitate the preparation of food.


All these steps are appropriate to get a good decoration in our garden, the style will be marked by the different models and types of elements that we choose. To get gardens of rustic style we will only acquire and adapt objects of rustic decoration that mark this style.


Rustic garden decoration; Simple and cheap objects

As always we say the decoration does not have to be expensive. The low cost decoration of rustic gardens is ideal to help create pleasant, harmonious and above all comfortable environments.

Small rustic garden ideas

The recycled furniture and the creations made by ourselves fall very well in the rustic gardens so that they look perfect. The garden furniture pallets have become a very important gap.


Antique wooden stools, wicker baskets, restored latticework, wheelbarrows, staircases, antique objects, discarded instruments, bicycles or even plastic wheels or drums can be protagonists in garden design.

We will only need imagination, creativity and follow simple guidelines to transform that object discarded in important part in the decoration of gardens.

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