32 New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

Interior Design Trends

Residence Decoration involves the art of beautifying and adorning your home to give it a visual appeal by the use of aesthetic components.

This process involves the application of trends that come and go year in and year out with some lasting more than others. While it may be perfect to stick to your lifestyle and preferences, whether modern/ contemporary or classic, switching up your style a little bit won’t hurt. After all, change is constant. 

Interior Design Trends

Trends concerned with interior decoration are just like fashion, inspired by the culture and current events. It could refer to a particular color, style, material, or even shape patterns that are popular and most commonly used at a given period.

Impact of Cultural Differences On New Home Decorations Or Designs

Culture is one factor that could affect or impact almost everything, if not everything.


Interior decorations and preferences differ with country or state of origin. This is because of the differences in lifestyle.

People who work to create and find suitable homes for clients are Interior decorators, Interior architects, Real estate agents, and contractors. Their jobs demand the knowledge and understanding of the diverse cultural background of clients to help adapt their taste and lifestyle right into their homes, offices, or work areas. While some people could opt for whatever trend is available, some homeowners prefer classics to even the latest trends, no matter what day or age.

Decorative Accessories

These are elements adapted into a living space to improve the look of the room, promote elegance and luxury. While some are multipurpose and functional, others are just for pleasing the eyes and appealing to taste.


They include;

  • Ashtrays
  • Pictures
  • Clocks 
  • Lamps
  • Sculpture
  • Curtains
  • Wallpaper
  • Cushion
  • Craft
  • Tablecloth
  • Paintings
  • Indoor trees and plants
  • Rugs
  • Books and magazines
  • Walls
  • Tables
  • Shelves
  • Picture placement
  • Carpets
  • Printed fabrics

How to choose decorative materials/ Tips

Interior Design materials
  • Choose quality over quantity
  • Select items that match with interior decor
  • Go for unique, hard to find decorative pieces
  • Stick to a budget
  • Mix up and blend; do not choose a particular kind more than once.
  • Do not clutter
  • Do not overwhelm small spaces with large objects or accessories.
  • Do not spread accessories meaninglessly 

Computer-aided-design (CAD)/ Drawing tools

Tools for interior design include pencils, compass, ruler, graph paper, protractor, color wheel, and CAD software. Thankfully, there are so many cheap home decoration stores out there where you can buy these tools.


Computer-aided-design software converts designs and sketches and measurements into a 3D(visual model in three dimensions) plan. This gives both the client and designer a visual representation of the plan. It can be customized and edited and is observed from all angles.

Decorating Rule

This is known as the 60-30-10 rule.

It is a simple design rule that aids in the creation of a color palette for a particular space. This rule suggests or states the following;

  • The dominant color of a room should be 60%
  • Secondary colors or textures should be 30%
  • Accenting should be 10%

Elements of Interior Design

  • Lines
  • Patterns
  • Space
  • Shape
  • Color
  • Texture
  • Light

Principles of Interior Design

    There are five principles which include

  • Balance
  • Harmony
  • Rhythm and repetition
  • Emphasis
  • Proportion and scale

Harmony; with every object or color placed decoratively, the harmonizing effect decides the blend and visual appeal. Simply put, this is one principle that decides if the interior design is pleasant and suitable.


Proportion and scale; this focuses on the size and relationship between different decorative accessories and how they are related and perceived.

Rhythm and repetition; is the creation of a visual link or pattern which the eye follows with the addition of colors, lines, forms, and textures.

Emphasis; this is concerned with furnishings and focal points that grab the most attention. Whether it is a fireplace or a piece of wall art, when situated correctly, focal points create drama and have an impressive look.

Balance; in interior decoration, this refers to the placement of different objects.


It’s 2021 and we are already in the second half of the year, below is a list of home decoration trends that would most likely be all over the place by 2022;

New Home Decorating Design Trends for 2021

New Home Decoration trends

Progress, experimentation, unending ideology, creativity, mindset, lifestyle, collections of preferences, and more are what makeup trends. This ensures changes and so trends are of extreme importance. Trends connect and provide for the needs, demands, and ants of different populations. There are a million and one ways to design your living space and ideas can be gathered from the internet from various sites, style offices, and specialized consultations. 

  1. Natural materials
  2. The New Scandinavian Style
  3. The Afro decor trends
  4. Maximal furniture
  5. Japanese burnt wood
  6. Bright colors
  7. The Iridescent decoration
  8. Wall weaving
  9. Paper lights
  10. Vintage and curvy furniture
  11. The hunter green
  12. Soft colors
  13. Shades of yellow
  14. Vintage and retro
  15. Navy or navy blue
  16. Modern floral
  17. Chinoiserie wallpaper
  18. Return of “Almost” white
  19. Artisan Decoration
  20. Face decorations
  21. Painted floors
  22. Multi-functional furniture
  23. Mix of trends 
  24. Artistic kitchen decorations
  25. Return of 80’s colors
  26. Sustainable and moderate decorative objects
  27. Character rooms
  28. Color-block trend
  29. Light Wood on Ceilings and floors
  30. Sofas with curves
  31. Modern rustic
  32. Wallpaper

Vintage and curvy furniture

New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

If you’re not a fan of sharp edges and straight lines, curvy furniture is the next go-to option. They are often referred to as


“feminine approach” to modern home decor styles. Curvy furniture is nothing new though, use has been dated back to the 50’s long before the introduction and use of modern straight and sharp-edged furniture. In more recent years, furniture with curves has made comebacks into homes serving as perfect classics and competing with newer trends.

  Curvy furniture include;

  • Velvet wingback chair
  • Crescent Swivel chair
  • Tufted loveseat
  • Orb bar stools
  • Tufted ottoman
  • Bardot sofa

Natural Materials

New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

These pieces exude nature. They are not exactly new, rather traditional but have maintained popularity even in 2021. They provide more contrast and visual texture. More importantly, they are timeless and would remain relevant for many more years. If you decide to go natural, below are some natural decorative materials;

  • Woven basket
  • Hide rug
  • Jute rug
  • Ceramic pottery lamps
  • Nature-themed art
  • Rattan chair
  • Wood and iron table
  • Jute woven pendant light
  • Leather sofa
  • Plants
  • Stone table
  • Natural wood coffee table

The New Scandinavian Style

New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

This is a trend that focuses on earthy colors/ pigments, structural shapes, warm atmosphere, textures. It is more recent and one of the newest trends for home decorations. It is defined as “the new Nordic style”.

Tips and materials for achieving this decorative look include;

  • Use of prints
  • Textured walls
  • Rugs and cozy fabrics
  • Addition of natural materials like plants
  • Cozy lights

The Afro Decor Trend

New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

Having its significant and cultural origin with Bamileke locals of Cameroon, juju hats are originally used as ceremonial crowns. The adaptation into homes is not as popular but is expected to be as this art was introduced in 2019 when a limited edition of ÖVERALLT collection of decorations was launched and dedicated entirely to Africa by IKEA. Other materials that can be used to depict the Afrocentric trend include;

  •  African wall arts
  •  Afro decals 
  • Tribal rugs
  • Tribal prints

Soft Colors

New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

These colors are pale shades. They are dim and are easily overlooked. They blend in and complement other colors. They can be paired with intense colors to create a brighter and more vivid look. Soft colors include; blush, caramel, lilac, cream.

Maximal Furniture

New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

Maximalism and minimalism are concepts applied in architecture, interior decoration, and generally, art.

Maximal furniture in interior design involves the application of well-curated numerous patterns and collections with saturated colors. It is known as a loud style as opposed to minimalist white walls, neutral colors, and the absence of decorated walls. In maximalism, interior decors are busier, brighter, conspicuous, and big. The display of design patterns is multiple.

 Maximal design ideas and materials include;

  • Use of graphics on walls, curtains, rugs, accent pillows
  • Bold combinations of colors and textures
  • Use of decorative accessories
  • Busy walls with well-blended contrasts
  • Wallpapered Ceiling
  • Combination of neutral and bold colors
  • Decorated accent walls
  • Arrangement of properties in decorative patterns ( like books on shelves or a bicycle aesthetically placed in a corner)
  • Stark graphic prints

Shades of Yellow

New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

Aside from neutral colors, yellow is one bright color that fits in just fine with other colors. It offers a fresh and hopeful appeal with a cheerful kind of brightness. The right combinations are two shades of yellow and a neutral color. The yellow shades are used as accents and the neutral colors create a balance. Shades of yellow include;

  • Mustard yellow
  • Saffron
  • Blonde
  • Gold
  • Jasmine
  • Vitamin yellow
  • Fire 
  • Tuscan sun
  • Bumblebee
  • Lemon
  • Flax
  • Daffodil
  • Tangerine yellow
  • Vivid yellow
  • Light yellow
  • Clear yellow
  • Bold yellow
  • Classic yellow

Japanese burnt wood

New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

Yakisugi or Japanese burnt wood is blackened wood commonly used for home exteriors. The wood is charred cedar plank which is wire-brushed, sandpapered, and sealed with natural oil. The name “Shou sugi ban” means charred cedar board.

Cedarwood is recognized as best for this process because of its lightness or porosity. It is resistant to insects and moisture damage and is easy to maintain and serves as the right alternative to the use of black stains for hardwood refinishing.


 It has various textures, limited patterns, and designs.

The Hunter green

New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

This is a dark yellowish-green color that got its name due to common use by hunters worn as a camouflage. It also has neutral features as it can fit easily into different interior types.

Bright colors

New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

These colors are flashy, intense, bright, conspicuous. New home decorative trends imbibe the use of bold colors with more neutral and lighter ones. The brightest colors include; cyan, yellow, red, orange, etc.

The Iridescent Decoration 

New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

These decorative materials go by their name. They are shimmery and reflect,  show or change to a variety of luminous colors when viewed from different angles. They are often used during festive periods like Christmas. They can also be used on other decorative materials and furniture.

Wall Weaving

New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

Hung woven curtains, macramè wall hangings tapestries (handwoven) are materials for this design pattern. They give your interior a dramatic character.

Do-it-yourself weaving tools include;

  • Frame loom
  • Warp yarn
  • Tapestry needle
  • Weaving comb
  • Scissors
  • Shed stick
  • Weaving yarns
  • Dowels

Paper Lights

New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

Paper lights/ paper lanterns are made of thin paper with bright colors integrated with optical fibers. They differ in construction, shape, and size. They originated from China and are originally known as Dēnlóng. These lights include three types;

  • Hanging
  • Flying
  • Floating

The paper lights mostly in use are hung with strings.

Chinoiserie Wallpaper

New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

These wallpapers have distinctive patterns which often show swirling flora and birds. When in use, every part and inch of the wall has a different and unique design. It brings exoticness into the home.


The Floors (re)painted 

New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

  The maximalist design also comes to play here. As opposed to the use of plain, dull, and neutral colors on floors in minimalist design, you can paint or repaint your floors with just the right colors and blend.

Return of “Almost” White

New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

While introducing different kinds of character into your home with colors and maximal blends, the use of white remains elegant and luxurious. With a combination of different shades of this neutral, you can be sure to achieve something admirable even when you decide to leave bright colors out.

Multi-functional Furniture

New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

 What better than an accessory or furniture that is not just useful for basic things but also serves other practical and stylish purposes? Just like the term multifunctional suggests, they can be used for more than one or two purposes and there are list full of them;

  • Convertible chair bed
  • Storage stools
  • Laptop desk and breakfast tray
  • Shelf floor lamp
  • Coffee table with side table and armchair
  • Storage ottoman with tray
  • Duty box wardrobe
  • Multi-functional table
  • Storage step ladder
  • Chair with shelving system
  • Storage step ladder and seat, etc

Large Format Tiles

New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

In the living room and bathroom, on floors and walls, these tiles fit in just right and evoke beauty, elegance, and luxury.

These tiles are either in rectangles or squares and are larger than 12×12.


They are smooth due to the absence of grout lines common with ordinary tiles. Also, durable and easy to use as the large size doesn’t require so many.

Artisan Decoration

New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

These decorative materials are mostly handmade and handcrafted often represented on textiles and dishes. They have unique patterns that are not found everywhere. Although they may not primarily be meant for decoration, when displayed on open walls or buffets, they serve a decorative purpose.

Mix Of Trends

New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

This is also a maximal trend of home decoration. It is a mix of styles, shapes, and colors. In this trend, there are zero limits.

Vintage and Retro

New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

 If you like discovery and would love a representation of different eras in your home, this is a suitable option. In this trend, you can accessorize your modern furniture with charm.

Navy or Navy Blue

New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

Just like the hunter green, this shade easily adapts neutrally to your home.

Modern Floral Wallpaper

New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

The decoration of wallpapers with floral patterns has also been in trend for several years.

Artistic Decoration of the Kitchen

New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

Your living room or bedrooms aren’t the only spaces that deserve some spice. This trend involves the use of decorative patterns in the kitchen. Paintings, art, and craft can be hung on the open walls.

Sofas with Curves

     Conversation or crescent sofas are very much included in the latest home decoration trends. Use of this kind began in the ’60s and left the trend for a while. They are expected to stay in use in years to come.

Return of the 80’s Colors


    Indigo, black, chartreuse green, tanned shades, burgundy, etc are amongst popular colors used in the ’80s. They are now more commonly used on dishes and flower vases.

Light Wood from Floor to Ceiling

     This is the cabin style or Scandinavian Style. In this interior design, light wood is used to cover up the walls and floors making the room appear neutral, luxurious, and stylish.

Sustainable and moderate decorative objects


    These objects are primarily made or carved for decorative purposes and unlike the other types of the same kind, they are sustainable. Examples include bioplastic materials.

Character Rooms

    Tips for character room creation include;

  • Paint wall with dramatic colors
  • Use statement rugs
  • Add paneling
  • Use funky light features
  • Highlight the headboard
  • Use of canopy beds
  • Use of wall arts above the bed
  • Use of stylish benches
  • Use of stylish mirrors 
  • Use of fun colors for beddings

Modern Rustic


   Combination of classic and contemporary decorative patterns that give off a cabin look as well. It is simple, inspired by nature, and involves the use of reclaimed materials. White paints are most generally used with a single-color pop.

Face Decoration

   This is simply graphic art. It is a decoration of faces or representation of faces.

Color block trend


  If you consider the use of neutral colors boring and out of style for you, this is an option to go for. It involves the introduction and application of different bright colors into interior decor. 

Interior Decorators/ Designers

    Who are they?

These are people that work to achieve a beautiful, functional, and safe interior space of different buildings for clients adapting to their preferences and lifestyles.


Types of Interior Designing styles

  • Mediterranean Interior Designing styles
  • Contemporary Interior Design
  • Mid-century modern Interior Design
  • Beach Style Interior Design
  • Modern Style Interior Design
  • Traditional Interior Design

Mediterranean Interior Design

   This interior design option is famous but uncommon. It requires a lot of space with key elements being tiles, bricks, earthy colors, large customized balconies, large furniture, columns, and arches.

Contemporary Interior Design


   This involves permission of more natural light, use of open spaces, natural fabrics, light hardwood or dark hardwood, and neutral colors.

Mid-century modern Interior Design

   This was very popular in the ’90s.

It includes the application of organic styles, retro danish finish, clean interior lines, molded plastics, plywood, and aluminum.


Beach Style Interior Design

    The room is designed and structured to allow in more natural air. It involves the use of shells, backdrop with white paint, see-through window glass covering, and natural oak frames.

Traditional Interior Design

   Wood moldings, antique pieces, tiles with a touch of velvet or silk are in use.


This interior design utilizes more wooden furniture and the design is purely classic. It is by far the most popular style amongst other interior design trends. This is because of its timeless uniqueness.

Interior Designing Cost

   This depends on whether you would like to employ an interior designer, use online design services or you would prefer to go DIY and discover things for yourself. Also, your choice of style and decorative accessories would determine the total cost as well.

  Typically, employing an interior designer would cost you about $2,000 to $5,000. 


Hourly rates range from $100 per hour to $275 per hour. This charge could be less or more depending on professionalism. For interior designers new in the business, it could most likely be less.

Online design service fees range from $75 to $1,599 with an average of $1,000.

  If you decide to do it all by yourself, it could cost you more or less depending on your knowledge or how you go about it but this option would most likely waste your time.

Before hiring an interior designer, here are a few things to consider;

  • The budget you are working with
  • Figure out what exactly you want for your home and what you intend to represent in it
  • Decide on your preferences relating to color, furniture, and art
  • Timeline for your project
  • Decide if you are contacting local interior design services or companies

  Imagine looking back at decades and even centuries ago and nothing changed- no flashy advanced cars or automobiles, no phones or personal computers- same history and same discovery. Just years and more years of repetitive lifestyle and sameness. Variety is the spice of life but change is what ensures evolution and discoveries so every era has its story to tell. 

   These changes result in trends that either stay popular for a particular period and disappear or stay timeless for so many years. Every industry has a specific trend and interior design or decoration has successfully evolved from a trend to a trend going back and forth between different eras while developing new ideas and styles. 

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