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Top 20 Best Barndominium floor plans

barndominium floor plans

After the decision to own a dream multipurpose home, the next step is finding the perfect floor plan that suits just you. These architectural designs are necessary floor plans involved in the entire planning process and determine how you achieve your space.

  The floor plans are simply country home designs similar to barns which feature open concept floor plans, a roof with two slopes on the sides and gables in the ends (gambrel roof), and repurposed pole barns. 

Here are 20 Barndominium floor plans to help kick start your project: 


  •  40′ × 20′ barndominium floor plan – This is about 800 square feet with a bathroom and bedroom. It could also pass off as a tiny house. 
  • 30′ × 15′ Barndominium floor plan – a 450 square feet space that only fits one bathroom. This structure is mostly utilized while the home is still being built.
  • 30′ × 20′ Barndominium floor plan – with just 600 square feet space, this plan offers a bedroom and a bathroom. The kitchen can be repurposed for quite a several activities.
  • 30′ ×30′ Barndominium floor plan – a 900 Square feet space with two bedrooms and one bathroom. The kitchen can easily be expanded and reconstructed.
  • 35′ ×42′ Barndominium floor plan – two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a space of 1,470 square feet. This can be built to include a wraparound porch and an entry with double doors 
  • 35′ × 48′ Barndominium floor plan – A 1,680 square feet space with three bedrooms and a bathroom. Features of this plan include an open concept room.
  • 35′ ×50′ Barndominium floor plan – Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a living area of about 1,750 square feet. The master bedroom has a walk-in closet and the layout of this plan is ideal for a covered porch.
  • 35′ × 20 Barndominium floor plan – 700 square feet space with one bedroom and one bathroom. This space is perfect for a temporary home. The rooms can be used for many activities.
  • 36′ × 55′ Barndominium floor plan – with 1,980 square feet, it has three bedrooms and three bathrooms. It is most common and suitable for pole barn residences.
  •  40′ × 30 Barndominium floor plan – This has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. It is about 1,200 square feet.  The bedrooms each have walk-in closets.
  •  40′ ×40′ Barndominium floor plan – With three bedrooms and two bathrooms, the living space contained in this plan is about 1,600 square feet. The kitchen also has a pantry for storage.
  •  40′ × 50′ Barndominium floor plan – The space contained in this plan is about 2,000 square feet with our bedrooms and two bathrooms. The kitchen has a pantry and a vast island. The shop space is suitable for constructing a tandem garage with dual doors.
  •  50′ ×40′ Barndominium floor plan – three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms(2.5 bathrooms ) in square feet 2,050. 
  •  50′ ×45′ Barndominium floor plan – 2,250 square feet with four bedrooms and two bathrooms. It can be built to have porches and the living room could fit a staircase which could lead up to an optional space which could be an office, a loft or a library.
  •  50′ ×50 Barndominium floor plan – 2,500 square feet with four large bedrooms and two bathrooms and an optional porch.
  •  50′ × 60′ Barndominium floor plan – three bedrooms and three bathrooms in a 3,000 square feet space. It has an office and a loft with a 200 square feet laundry room. 
  •  50′ × 65′ Barndominium floor plan – four bedrooms and three bathrooms fit in a 3,250 square feet space. The master suite has double walk-in closets. This plan also includes two covered porches.
  •  50′ × 66′ Barndominium floor plan – five bedrooms and three bathrooms in a living space of 3,300 square feet with a hallway about 6-foot wide.
  •  50′ × 50′ Barndominium floor plan with four bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms but still within the space of 2,500 square feet.
  •  30′ ×30′ Barndominium floor plan – this is also a 900 square feet space but with two bedrooms and one bathroom. The kitchen has a large island.

40× 60 barndominium floor plans with shop plans

barndominium floor plans with shop plans

This floor plan prioritizes convenience more than other plans. This is because a clear constructive design is provided to give a comfortable connection between your home and workshop. It is by far the most sought out for floor plan. It is large enough for about four bedrooms or even five. There is provision for a large space of about 2,400 square ft for storage where equipment, tools, or vehicles can be stored.

These floor plan designs include;

  • PL-61301
  • PL- 61302
  • PL-61303
  • PL- 61304


Factors like location, materials, builders, and preferences could affect the exact cost of achieving.

 However average cost per square foot is $95-$125 


To calculate the total cost price for your exact barndominium here is what to put in place;

  • Barndominium kit overall price
  • Labor cost
  • Finishing materials

When you have put into consideration the three above, you would have a total of the exact cost for your barndominium.

The central benefit of designing or owning a barndominium is easy customization to fit into preferences, lifestyle, and needs which is made easy by the availability of numerous barndominium floor plans. These plans enable quicker construction time, adaptive and well-detailed designs, and kits that enhance durability.


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