Choosing the Best Drapes for Sliding Glass Doors

Drapes for sliding glass doors are a common feature in most houses that have patios or decks. If you are looking for options for drapes for sliding glass doors, then read on.

Tip to choose drapes for sliding glass doors

If you have a house with a patio or a deck, then the possibility that a sliding door opens into it is huge. Sliding doors are exterior doors with large glass panels that open by sliding along a track, rather than swinging open on a hinge. Sliding glass doors not only are an efficient method of letting air and light into the room, but they also look aesthetically pleasing.

In order to cover sliding doors and shield the house from sunlight, there are two options that you could use; one being blinds and the other option being drapes. While in most commercial spaces you may notice the use of blinds, most homeowners prefer the use of drapes. Finding the right type of drapes to suit your sliding doors can be a bit of an issue for some people. Here we tell you the different options Drapes for Sliding Glass Doors available for you so that you can accentuate the beauty of your patio or deck.

Choosing Drapes for Sliding Glass Doors

By using sliding glass doors that take up minimal space, you are getting rid of the apparent barrier between indoors and outdoors. This creates the illusion that the room is larger, more open, and airier. It also provides natural lighting and gives you a gorgeous view of the patio, deck, or yard. Another important advantage is that drapes and curtains can help conserve energy by creating a heat barrier over the glass which will help you reduce the energy used for heating and cooling your house.


Sheer Curtains

When choosing Drapes for Sliding Glass Doors in your house, there are a couple of important things that you need to take into consideration. One of the most important things to be thought about is the amount of sunlight you want entering the room in which the sliding doors are located. If you want the light to illuminate the room in the morning, then choose curtains of the sheer variety. In areas where the amount of light streaming in is not much, it may be a good idea that you use only sheer curtains.

Of course, with such curtains, the requirement for privacy becomes slightly secondary. Choosing the right colors for the curtain is also important. Try and alternate the color schemes. Do not go in for a large area shielded by dark curtains as this could tone down your room a tad much and make it seem uninviting. If the room is predominantly white, then ensure that your curtains have some color in them, or again the furnishings may work against the beauty of the room.

Thick Curtains

If however, you are looking for something that will give you more privacy then choose thicker curtains that will ensure that your house is secure from prying eyes. It may be a good idea to have a dual set of curtains, with a set of sheer curtains to allow you the warmth and light of the morning sun and a darker-colored, thicker set of curtains to block out light in the evenings.

Bright Drapes And Curtains

The drapes and curtains that you use for your sliding doors are a huge part of your interior decorating scheme. Using the right furnishings can be extremely important and they can add a lot of character to your house. Ideally while choosing curtains, take into account the décor of the rest of the room.

       Drapery for Sliding Glass doors traditional living room designs
           Drapery for Sliding Glass doors traditional living room designs


Traditional Curtains

If your room is traditionally decorated, then it may be a great idea to look for curtains that have traditional prints like flowers or paisleys on them. In a traditional setting, you can choose to put up curtains with valances for window treatments. This decorative framework imparts an added elegance to the room.

Geometric Print Curtains

In more modern rooms, it may be appropriate to opt for curtains that have a non-traditional look to them. Use solid colors in bright contrast or even curtains that have geometric or abstract prints on them. Such curtains immediately boost the appearance of the room and add to the look that you are working towards.

Valance Curtains

Of course, the manner in which the curtain is draped makes a huge difference to create the right effect. As mentioned earlier, luxurious valances make for an excellent addition to a traditional room and free-flowing sheer curtains interspersed with thicker curtains can add to a room designed in a more contemporary fashion. At the end of the day that remains a personal choice.

Fabric Blinds Curtains

Another option that can be aesthetically pleasing in a modern room would be to opt for fabric blinds. The effect is similar to the one created with vertical blinds but the use of fabrics makes the entire look much less commercial and much prettier to look at. Fabric blinds are a great way of ensuring enough privacy for your home.


Fabric blinds also make for the ideal option in order to maintain the temperature in the room or to block out the light that is filtering in. If you want an added aesthetic element, you can combine fabric blinds with regular curtains for a doubled look. In such a case, use sheer curtains, so that the distinction between the two variants you are using is more apparent. Also with such a design and draping solution, you can add more color to the room.

Cotton Curtains

While picking out curtains, also ensure that you pay attention to the fabric you are choosing. Maintaining curtains can take a lot of effort. It is much easier to maintain cotton curtains when compared to silk curtains. Curtains that have gathered dust and are dirty are an eyesore and take away from the aesthetics and beauty of the room.


Blackout Draperies Sliding Glass Patio Doors contemporary curtains
         Blackout Draperies Sliding Glass Patio Doors contemporary curtains


With the ideas and options about Drapes for Sliding Glass Doors given in this article, you can definitely create some great looks for the sliding glass doors in your house. There are drapes and curtains that are available to suit every budget. So choose a style you like and make your entry to your deck or patio even more gorgeous.


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