Costs for Roofing or Saddle Placement – Create a More Favorable Living Space

An improvement, also referred to as a saddle, can be used to expand the living space in a relatively cost-effective manner, or to create a new living space. This does not include costs for the purchase of building land, nor for development. As all the pipes and piping are already present and used in the building, further savings are possible. It can also be connected to the existing heating system.Costs for Roofing or Saddle Placement

If it is possible to justify the roofing up as a maintenance expense, there are further savings through the Income Tax Act, since a maintenance expense is one of the immediately deductible advertising costs. There is a maintenance effort when the roof exchange is in the foreground. If the costs are classified as cost of production by the tax office, which is the case when housing is the target of the increase, only a tax reduction of 2 percent will be granted.

Planning costs for roofing

It is important to note the location and the local development plan. Is the desired height of the roof allowed, the shape of the roof? These and other questions can be clarified beforehand by the insight. In principle, it is recommended to commission an architect or builder with the planning. He also makes the building application and initiates the approval procedure.

The fees are to be taken into account as a cost for a roof top-up. As a rule, roughly 2 percent of the construction costs are to be expected for the preliminary design, and a further 4 percent for the submission. Any desired design planning and construction supervision can again be booked with 3 per cent, but are not absolutely necessary.


Construction costs vary according to construction

There are various possibilities for a roof top-up to choose from. The nail plate construction is shown favorably. But there are prefabricated roof trusses as well as prefabricated roofs. Irrespective of the nature of the building owner’s decision to make cost-cutting self-service is possible in all cases. Depending on the type of expansion, costs of around EUR 750 to EUR 1,800 per square meter of living space are to be expected. The span is very large and depends on the choice of the choice of the choice of construction materials, such as for floors. Windows, doors, tiles, facades are also part of the design. Savings are particularly easy in this area, especially if actions and offers are used.

Cost overview (example)

  • Per square meter of living space : 750 euros to 1.800 euros
  • Plus planning costs of 2 percent : 14 euros to 36 euros / square meter
  • Plus submission costs of 4 percent: 28 Euro to 72 Euro / square meter

This results in a total cost per square meter of living space of EUR 792 to EUR 1,908.

If planning and building supervision are also outsourced, the cost per square meter will increase from EUR 837 to EUR 2,016.


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