Decorating Tips Small Bedroom with Double Bed

Make optimal use of the limited floor and wall space when decorating a small bedroom with double bed.

Small Bedroom with Double Bed
Small Modern Bedroom Furniture Double Bed Sydney Home Interior Designs

Create a blank canvas for your fresh bedroom design by removing the existing furnishings, clearing the clutter and giving the space a thorough cleaning. Measure the room to provide a framework for arranging furniture. In addition, set a decorating budget you can live with; decorating costs can soar out of control without a definitive spending limit.

How to Decor Small Bedroom with Double Bed

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Colors and Walls

Light, neutral wall colors — soft gray, creamy white, sandy beige — supply an ideal backdrop for bold punches of contrasting hues provided by furnishings. Light colors also tend to make a small room with a double bed feel more open and airy. Soft pastels, such as mint green, icy blue and light yellow, also work well on walls to supply a more spacious feel with a hint of color. Create an accent wall with patterned wallpaper or a darker paint color to add a color surprise that won’t overpower the space.



A double, or full, bed is 53 inches wide by 75 inches long, taking up a great deal of floor space in a small bedroom with double bed. Avoid bulky headboards, creating a larger bed that requires even more valuable space. Opt for sleek fabric, leather or metal headboards, or none at all. Make a small bedroom more functional by leaving a minimum 2-foot walkway around the bed’s perimeter, as recommended by interior design room planning standards. Situate a small nightstand on each side of the bed to provide a convenient spot for an alarm clock, glasses and other personal items. Place a table lamp on each nightstand to illuminate the area for nighttime reading. Floor-to-ceiling vertical shelves require little floor space but create ample storage and display areas. Add a small chest of drawers or dresser to your room arrangement for socks, pajamas, underclothes and T-shirts.

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Floors and Windows

Shiny, hardwood floors with narrow planks convey the feel of a larger, more modern space. Large area rugs can visually make a Small Bedroom with Double Bed appear small and choppy. Tuck a small scatter rug alongside a bed to provide a soft, cozy spot for bare feet. Avoid heavy, dark draperies that can create a “boxed-in” feel in a small bedroom. Installing lightweight sheers helps to keep a space feeling light and airy. Natural-woven wooden or grass window shades add an earthy texture, while Roman fabric shades can provide colorful patterns. Window shades can be raised during the day, allowing natural light to stream inside, and lowered for nighttime privacy.

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Lighting and Accents

A ceiling light fixture provides overall, ambient lighting in a room with the flip of a switch. This is especially important in a Small Bedroom with Double Bed to avoid bumping into furnishings in a tight space. Adding a ceiling fan to an overhead light fixture helps to circulate the air in a small room. Installing wall sconces on each side of a bed eliminates the need for bedside table lamps, freeing up more space on nightstands. Layer the bedding with comfy sheets, cozy blankets and a white, plush comforter. Drape a soft throw across the foot of the bed and arrange a variety of toss pillows against the headboard. Keep decorative accents — fresh flowers, potted greenery, colorful pottery, framed photographs — to a minimum, avoiding a cluttered, unorganized look.

Small Bedroom with Double Bed

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