Easiest Tips to Improve Apartment Kitchen Ideas

You can update the look of apartment kitchen ideas without spending much money or making any permanent changes.

apartment kitchen ideas
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With their usual lack of space, drab colors and outdated materials, apartment kitchen ideas can be a serious challenge to decorate. As a renter, you may not have permission to make any permanent changes to your kitchen even if you’re willing to shell out the cash yourself. But all hope is not lost — you can improve the look of your kitchen in several easy ways that are permissible by most lease agreements. Before redecorating, though, be sure to read over your lease and consult with your management company to ensure that your planned changes won’t violate your lease agreement.

How to Improve Apartment Kitchen Ideas

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Pick up a Paintbrush

One of the easiest ways to spruce up bland apartment kitchen ideas is with a little paint. Plain white or cream-colored walls can look drab, so covering them with a soft, warm color like pale yellow or peach can give your kitchen a cozier, more inviting feel. If your kitchen has dated cabinets, try painting them in a crisp white to give the space a brighter look. It’s best to stick with light, neutral shades in an apartment kitchen because the space is usually limited, and bold, bright colors may overwhelm the room. Also, keep in mind that some landlords and management companies may allow you to paint your walls and cabinets only if you agree to paint them white again before you move out. Going from a dark color back to white can be a challenge and is probably not something that you want to worry about when you’re in the process of moving.

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Hang Vinyl Wall Clings

If your management company or landlord doesn’t allow painting, spruce up your kitchen’s walls and cabinets with vinyl wall decals. Decals are essentially large vinyl stickers that you can place on any flat surface to add a decorative element. Best of all, when it’s time to move out, you can simply peel the decals off the walls or cabinets without any fuss. Vinyl wall decals come in a variety of designs, shapes and colors, so you can fully customize the look of your kitchen with colorful flowers, bold graphic art or inspirational quotes. Add a single large decal to a blank wall for a bold statement, or use several small decals for the center of your cabinets.

Change Hardware


Another way to improve the look of your apartment kitchen cabinets without making permanent changes is to add new hardware. Swap outdated gold-tone drawer pulls, handles and knobs for modern pieces in a nickel or chrome finish. If you like the idea of brightly colored cabinets but aren’t allowed to paint, use colorful handles and drawer pulls in a bold red or orange to spice up your kitchen. Remember to hang onto your old hardware, though, since you may need to replace it when you move out.


Add Movable Island

One of the most common complaints about apartment kitchen ideas is their lack of space. If your kitchen doesn’t have much counter space for meal preparation and other activities, consider adding a movable island to the room. Unlike a traditional island that is anchored to the floor, a movable island is essentially a high table that provides countertop space and often has storage below. For the most versatility, opt for a model that has wheels on the bottom so you can easily push it out of the way when necessary and move it into the center of the kitchen when you need additional workspace.

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Add Overhead or Wall Storage

You can also maximize the available room in small apartment kitchen ideas by making use of overhead and wall space for storage. An overhead pot rack is an ideal spot for storing cookware that you don’t have room for in your cabinets. You can also hang a piece of pegboard on your wall and use it to hold your pots, pans and other kitchen utensils. Even a few simple shelves can also be useful storage in cramped apartment kitchen ideas.


Apartment Kitchen Ideas

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