Feng Shui Color for Moderate Size Bedroom Ideas

Feng Shui Color for Moderate Size Bedroom should reflect soothing colors that are personal to you.

Feng Shui Color for Moderate Size Bedroom
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Feng Shui principles define the kitchen, living and dining rooms as activity areas, but the bedroom as a personal sanctuary for replenishment. Regardless of your room’s size, Feng Shui practices reflect the yin and yang of your environment, and your bedroom colors should coincide with the more relaxed and subdued part of your psyche — the yin. The Feng Shui Color for Moderate Size Bedroom you choose should be ones you’re attracted to and reflect your personal preferences (look to your wardrobe for cues) within a yin framework.

How to Achieve Feng Shui Color for Moderate Size Bedroom

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Skin Tones

One way to achieve Feng Shui Color for Moderate Size Bedroom is to match your wall color to your skin tone, from alabaster or pale ivory to deep brown. “Creamsicle” (a rich apricot) or the sun-kissed tawny or bronze of your arms and legs could dictate a basic color for your bedroom decor. If your room is small, dilute the darker hues to keep the room more expansive. The bedroom is for blending and regaining composure. In Feng Shui, creating an environment most closely aligned with your personal characteristics eliminates conflict.


Earth Tones

A bedroom needn’t be bland. Painting the walls sage green and adding the crispness of off-white trim creates an earth-like peacefulness consonant with Feng Shui environments. Repeat the off-white on the ceiling, or add a drop of the sage to the white for a more calming overhead view. Terracotta and latte are other earth tones to consider, but be sure they’re not so dark that they’re confining or depressing. Lean toward the gold hues in the color; avoid the grays.

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Calming Pastels


Faded pastels are happy colors that don’t keep you awake. They also expand the visual size of your room. Dusty lavender, pale yellow and barely-aqua are calming pastels that coincide with the decorative choices in Feng Shui. When adding accessories, keep to a monotone theme to avoid jolting the senses.


Adding Zest

Adding an extra zing to your bedroom won’t interfere with good Feng Shui. Fire and romance are represented with a hint of red, either in throw pillows, lampshades or a perfume bottle collection. A delicate vase of fresh flowers in a female’s bedroom, or a floor urn with a spray of brown pussy willows for a man’s room, keeps the Feng Shui theme alive and adds texture and interest.

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Creating the Mood

Regardless of the size of your bedroom, Feng Shui dictates that all elements of the room’s design reflect a nurturing, revitalizing environment. Balance and harmony are vital for good Feng Shui. Remove the buzz of the television and replace it with a soothing painting that reflects your color choices. A serene depiction is preferred over one that reflects high energy.


Feng Shui Color for Moderate Size Bedroom

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