How to Update Teenage Girls Room for College

Teenage Girls Room for College – College students who live at home enjoy many perks, such as a private bathroom, home-cooked meals and lower tuition bills. Commuting to a local college rather than dorming can pose challenges, however. Parents may want their daughter to carry on with her high-school living arrangement, but a young college student is probably planning to claim more independence. To make the transition easier on everyone, help your daughter give her room a makeover that accommodates her college lifestyle.

Teenage Girls Room for College
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Updating Teenage Girls Room for College

Room Redo

Students who commute to college experience big changes in schedules and routines. Your daughter’s re-designed room should function as a mini-apartment that offers increased privacy and independence. To begin, clean out closets and drawers and donate or store little-used clothing and high-school mementos. Take inventory of the room’s existing furnishings and decide what can stay and what you must replace. A basic twin bed can be restyled with pillows and throws to make a daybed that functions as a casual seating space by day and a place to sleep at night. If dressers are dated but in good condition, revamp them with paint and new hardware.

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Paint and Fabric


Paint is an easy, inexpensive way to update a room’s look. Choose a color scheme that reflects your young college student’s style and developing sophistication. Because she has the luxury of not living in a cinder-block room like on-campus students, your daughter can include wallpaper in her design. A geometric- or organic-patterned feature wall gives the room a more adult feel. Continue the color scheme in the bedding and other textiles. Although bedding sets can be expensive, an assortment of print throws creates an eclectic effect when layered with a solid-colored duvet. Keep window treatments simple. Sheer panels filter natural light; shades keep out the sun when your student needs to sleep in.

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Study Space

College courses demand long hours of study and computer time. When updating your teenage girls room for college, designate a study area that provides comfortable seating, good lighting and storage. A large desk accommodates textbooks, notebooks and a laptop. To minimize strain on back and eyes, equip the desk with a quality chair and a good reading lamp. Since commuters don’t have the option of running across campus to retrieve forgotten assignments, organization is vital in your daughter’s study space. Drawers and files keep papers and supplies in order. A bookcase places textbooks within easy reach as your student heads off to class. Hang a message center on the wall above the desk for displaying schedules and reminders.

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Personal Space


Like a dorm, updating Teenage Girls Room for College room serves as a bedroom, study and dressing room. Create a makeup and dressing area away from the study zone with a small table and floor mirror. Use baskets and boxes to organize cosmetics, and a coat tree for jackets, purses and scarves. Since many of the room’s previous accessories have been eliminated, your daughter can personalize her updated space with art and decorative items that express her emerging style. Although she’s still a teenager, she may prefer framed prints that reflect new interests to little-girl posters of princesses. If space permits, an exercise area furnished with a soft mat gives your daughter a place to de-stress during study breaks.

Teenage Girls Room for College

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