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Simple Ideas for Designing Study Room for Kids

Study Room for Kids gives children a place to work without distractions.

Study Room for Kids
Saving space furniture contemporary study table modern kids room ideas

The kitchen table may be the hub of your home, but it’s not the best place for schoolwork. Household activity is distracting to a child trying to master multiplication, and the sound of the television may prompt kids to rush through their spelling-test preparation. A room designated for homework and study provides a quiet space where children can work without being disrupted. With smart design choices, a Study Room for Kids becomes a welcome retreat for young scholars — and maybe their favorite room in the house.

Basics Study Room for Kids

Traditional Kids Study Room Furniture by Hurst Home Company LLC

Before you set up a study room for kids, assess your home’s space and your children’s needs. Choose a room in a quiet area of the house that’s away from the TV room, laundry room and other noisy spots. A spare bedroom or unused home office makes a convenient study room. In a small home, you can use bookcases and partitions to create a study space within a larger room. When planning a study room, the goal is to design a space that’s stimulating but not distracting. Windows provide valuable natural light, but sheer window coverings may be necessary to camouflage busy views.

Study table modern kids room furniture ideas

Walls and Floors


While your child’s bedroom may feature purple walls and bold posters, study-room decor benefits from a tamer, more practical approach. For walls, choose colors that are fresh and calming such as blues, greens and soft yellows. Accent one wall with magnetic blackboard paint and cork tiles to create a message center for notes, schedules, calendars and work in progress. Choose floor coverings that are comfortable and easy to care for. Laminate or vinyl flooring provides a smooth surface for wheeled chairs and easy clean-up in areas used for artwork. Carpet tiles or low-pile rugs complement the room’s color scheme and give kids who like to lounge on the floor a cozy study spot.


Work Zones

To make the most of the space of study room for kids, designate separate zones for different types of schoolwork. Each child who will use the room requires a desk and comfortable chair for studying and paper-and-pencil work. A good reading lamp is a desktop necessity. In addition to individual study zones, include a computer area with a printer and appropriate electrical and Internet connections in your design. For collaborative work and hands-on art and science projects, equip the study space with a large table or counter with matching chairs. Reading is an essential element of many study assignments. Using your child’s reading style as inspiration, design a comfortable reading zone that features soft chairs, beanbags or floor cushions and adjustable floor lamps.

Study room furniture traditional kids bedroom designs

Store and Organize


A room that’s cluttered and disorganized is not conducive to studying. To encourage children to keep their study room in order, provide ample storage space for homework supplies. Bookshelves keep textbooks, references and other books within easy reach. Your kids will be more likely to return books to their proper places if they have a bookcase or shelf of their own. Use bins and boxes to store paper, pens, pencils, markers, tape, glue and other supplies. A small file cabinet keeps past tests and reports in order for future reference. If space allows, install lockers from a home-goods store or an arrangement of cubicles in the room so kids can keep backpacks and personal items accessible but out of sight.

Study Room for Kids

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