Best White Bedroom Ideas

Natural materials add gentle touches of color to white bedroom ideas.

White Bedroom Ideas
White contemporary furniture master bedroom decor design ideas

White Bedroom Ideas can run the decor gamut from crisply structured to cozy to sensual. Every design decision in creating a white bedroom needs to be carefully considered to produce a cohesive look and feel to the room. By selecting just the right shade of white, as well as interesting textures, shapes and sizes for accessories, you can create a white bedroom that enlivens your senses.

Tips for Choosing White Bedroom Ideas

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The Feel of the Room

The first step is to decide how you want to feel in your bedroom. You can create a formal and somewhat impersonal bedroom by using cool, bright whites, smooth textures and shapes with angles and hard edges. Warm shades of white and related tones, along with softer textures and more organic and round shapes, introduce a more informal feel. Luxurious fabrics such as bamboo and silk bring a sensual element to the room, while knitted throws and thick-pile rugs create a feeling of coziness. Write down a list of words associated with the feelings and emotions that you want your White Bedroom Ideas to evoke and use them to guide all your design decisions.

White Themed Country Bedroom by Stephanie Dunning Interior Design

Shades of White


As with any other color, there is not just one hue of white. Whites first divide into cool groups with a blue or gray base and warm groups with a yellow or pink undertone. Within these groups, there are numerous shades and tones with varying degrees of darkness and lightness. The choice of white paint for your walls becomes truly vast when you factor in the options for paint finishes, from matte to eggshell to gloss, that affect how the color looks on your walls. Choose one shade of white for the larger areas in your room, the walls and perhaps the floor covering, and other whites in the same warm or cool family to use as accents.


How Much White to Use

White bedroom ideas don’t have to be all white. Use natural materials in light colors, especially wood, to add touches of color that blend with the white theme. Select colors that are harmonious with white, such as taupe, mocha, ecru and buttermilk, or use light grays if your main white has a cool tone. Pastels also add a pop of color to your white theme without being too harsh, and silver both blends in and provides a reflective surface. You can certainly opt for a small amount of a starkly contrasting color for impact, such as black; this will draw the eye to a focal point in the room and add drama.

High Rise Condo – Miami, FL contemporary white bedroom decor ideas

Creating Contrast


The key to successful White Bedroom Ideas is to achieve contrast between the different parts of the room and the objects in it. Color is one way of doing this, but you can also use texture, sizes and shapes, particularly when your white room is monotone. For example, the smooth, slightly shiny texture of silk contrasts with the roughness of a stone lamp base. You can contrast pillows in the same color and fabric by selecting different sizes and shapes. Install one item in the room that serves as a focal point and draws your gaze to it, otherwise everything will vaguely blend together and the bedroom will lose distinction.

White Bedroom Ideas

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