Cute Ways to Decorate Woman Bathroom

Give your Woman Bathroom the feel of a luxury spa with neutral tones and plush bathrobes.

Woman Bathroom
Luxury home spa red bathroom decor Woman Bathroom ideas

A Woman Bathroom can be so much more than just a room for bathing and getting ready for the beginning or end of a day. It’s a potential sanctuary of sorts, a place for respite, relaxation and quietude as you cleanse your cares away. Decorating this oft-overlooked room to reflect your vision of tranquility, empowerment or sense of style makes it far more personal — as it should be — being your private space. Whether quiet or quirky suits your tastes, the woman bathroom offers the perfect blank canvas to express your inner self.

How to Decor Woman Bathroom

Woman Beach Cottage Style Bathroom Decor Ideas by Rethink Design Studio

Beach or Cottage Decor

If you enjoy views of water or trips to the beach, a beach or cottage style bathroom brings these elements indoors for you to enjoy year-round. Paint or paper a mural on one wall featuring a beach scene or choose woman bathroom paint colors reminiscent of a sunny day at the beach: blues, yellows, white and seafoam green. Orange or yellow accents on towels or the shower curtain add a bit of sunshine to the space. Cottage style uses many of the same tones, with the option of pastels if you appreciate the shabby chic look. Apothecary jars filled with sea glass or seashells enhance the beachy vibe of the room. Add a bath rug in sea glass tones of blue, green and white for added inspiration.

Transitional woman bathroom pink themed decor ideas

Spa Serenity


If a visit to a luxury spa is high up on your wish list, bring that spa feel to your own woman bathroom. Decorate the room with neutral, relaxing tones such as a light green, blue or tan accessorizing it with natural elements such as a jute or grass bathmat and woven baskets holding rolled towels or facial treatments. Set candles on a small tub-side table or a shelf near the tub. Or better yet, add a wooden tray that fits over the tub to enjoy a drink and a book or magazine while relaxing in the water. A towel-warming rack ensures your fluffy bath towels are prewarmed on cold nights as a luxury hotel-style robe awaits hanging on a platinum-tone hook. Stencil onto a wall a few words that bring peace to you, such as “serenity,” “relax,” or “just be.” Vinyl wall graphics featuring such words can be used if you don’t want to stencil; these graphics are removable as well. Add a live plant or two for added appeal.



If you enjoy nature in general, an outdoors-inspired woman bathroom evokes a sense of peace every time you enter. Place baskets or apothecary jars on a shelf, filled with pinecones, bits of driftwood or polished river rocks. Paint pine tree silhouettes on a wall or create a wall border using a pine tree rubber stamp and acrylic paints if pines inspire you, or paint walls blue and add puffy clouds for a more lofty sense of relaxation. Add a shower curtain with a nature theme that complements the colors of the walls, such as rolling farm hills or a sunset over water. Choose a bathmat made of natural materials such as grass or jute, or in earth tones such as tan. Live plants such as ferns enhance the nature theme.

Exotic freestanding bathtub white bathroom decor for women

Trendy or Modern


If you follow fashion and trends in home decor, deck the walls with styles that you enjoy, such as a chevron design on one wall, or an ombre-color fade effect. Create a chevron wall design using painter’s tape after painting the walls one color, then paint a new shade over that. Ombre can be a fade of one color from side to side or top to bottom, or a blend of shades for a rainbow-style effect. Utilize geometric wall decals such as interlocking squares to embellish one area or one wall, or all walls, or even just to highlight select tiles within the bathroom.

Woman Bathroom Ideas

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