Inclination and Costs of a Saddle Roof

The saddle roof is by far the most popular roof form for private residential buildings, and this is not without reason: it is considered to be inexpensive and extremely practical. In addition to many other advantages, the saddle roof also has a few disadvantages: we compare the light and shadow sides.saddle roof

The saddle roof: a simply ingenious construction

Geniality is often a matter of simplicity, as is the case with the saddle roof: with this roof form, two roof surfaces slope to the ridge, creating a stable triangular shape, which allows the rainwater to flow off on both sides. The ridge ends with the pediment in many buildings, but sometimes it also protrudes a little over it. The type of construction has a long tradition, consisting of supporting purlins with supporting rafters.

The advantages of this roof at a glance

The simple but solid construction is reflected in the comparatively low price, which is probably the main reason for frequent use. At the same time, the saddle roof still has some other advantages:

  • Variability: Saddle roof is not equal to saddle roof, a lot of different eaves and roof pitches contribute to the individualization. There are also many different covers to choose from – and with a perfectly integrated dormitory, a completely different picture emerges again.
  • Low maintenance costs: The saddle roof consists of two continuous roof slopes, which drain the rainwater quickly downwards. If the roof is intact, there is no puddling and most of the dirt is rinsed again and again. This causes this roof shape to last a long time and hardly need to be serviced.
  • Weather resistance: The weather can have little effect on the saddle roof, sometimes a few roof pans are lost in the storm. However, in the case of a solid construction, the house owner can assume that his roof can withstand the usual weather conditions, since it can be sealed with little effort.
  • Fits in many existing settlements: In the many localities, whole saddle- dike settlementshave formed, here fits another house with this roof form well into. In this case, the local building laws often even prescribe the saddle roof for new or altered buildings. But even in settlements with mixed roof variants, saddle roofs are allowed and welcome in the normal case.
  • Possibility of top floor: With a typical roof pitch between 38 and 45 degrees, the saddle roof offers sufficient space for living and utility areas under the roof. Life under the slopes is often viewed as particularly comfortable, windows can be installed in the roof as well as on the gable sides. A dorm extends the living space.

Our tip: Choose the steepest possible saddle roof in stormy and rainy areas, where the water flows quickly and the surface dries quickly. In regions with a lot of snow, the grid is protected against Schneelawinen, some builders also rely on a sloping roof.


The disadvantages of the saddle roof under the magnifying glass

  • The more steep the roof, the less living space: Compared to the mansard roof or roof, a house with a saddle roof offers less habitable space under the roof. The more steep the roof pitch, the more shrinks the available space. Setting up a room under steep slopes is difficult, specially designed furniture often serves as a solution. This can be quite expensive if the owner is not self-employed.
  • Daylight incidence mainly through roof windows: Most of the living areas under the saddle roof have sloping roof windows, if they are not directly adjacent to the gables. However, roof windows have a few disadvantages, so it rains rather for example, and you usually have to stretch your head through the open window to see more than just the sky.

Our tip: Overall, the disadvantages are visibly limited, they can even be pushed back by appropriate planning. For example, if you build a flat saddle roof with only 30 degrees of inclination, there will be enough space for high furniture in the attic. Through the use of the gable as well as the installation of a dormer, the number of vertically installed windows can also be increased.

These costs are for a saddle roof

The costs for a saddle roof are, of course, different depending on the construction project, but there are reference points where builders can orient themselves. An average rough roof with a normal slope is priced at around 60 euros per sqm. However, as soon as a dorm is added or other special constructions are installed, the costs are increased. Such construction measures on the steeply inclined roof are considered to be relatively complex and must be paid accordingly.

The storm-proof roof for stormy areas and the extremely robust version for high snow loads cost also, of course, more, here 100 Euro or more per square meter can come together.

In addition there is the roofing, which is also very variable. The lowest price is likely to be around 20 euros per square meter, but to be able to defy the weather sufficiently, a little more should be invested. On average, the cost of covering a saddle roof is about 50 to 70 euros per square meter, but they can also cover 100 euros and more.


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