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The Best Ideas for Maximizing Small Dining Room Designs

Maximize the space in Small Dining Room Designs with fewer furnishings and a smaller table.

Small Dining Room Designs
Furniture sets small modern dining room layout ideas

The popularity of large, overwrought and embellished furniture marked the first decade of the new millennium. Heavy dining tables, leather chairs with sculpted arms and table legs that were carved from individual tree trunks filled the furniture stores. One of the problems with this new wave of furniture design was the size of the dining rooms being constructed during the same era. They were small. The furniture was large. Finding a compromise to the problem took creative thinking and smart design choices to maximize space in Small Dining Room Designs.

How to Maximize Small Dining Room Designs

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Buy Small

If your dining room is a separate room but won’t accommodate a large table, consider a smaller, round small space dining table with a pedestal base and seating for four. Order four chairs without arms, and fill in with card-table chairs, if needed. A drop-leaf table is also a space-saver, and a glass table creates an airy feeling, opening up the space. Paint one wall a highlight color and hang sconces for ambient lighting. Then install a large mirror horizontally and simple artwork for additional interest. Use corner vitrines for china and crystal.

High Tops


A new addition to the furniture spectrum came into popularity during the 2000s. High-top tables, popular in restaurant lounges and bars, became available for the home. Designed in many sizes and square in shape, high tops are perfect for a small space. Bar stools can be tucked under the table top, opening up the floor space. Add a wire or wrought-iron baker’s rack for hanging wine glasses, displaying wine and spirits, and let it serve as a vertical sideboard.

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Keep It Simple

Paint the walls of your small dining room a light color and hang window coverings that are simple in style. A wall of differently shaped antique mirrors is creative and visually enlarges the space. Use color as a decorating tool and paint the baseboards and crown molding in a more intense shade of the wall paint. If using a chandelier, keep the design conservative and unobtrusive.



Count the number of eating areas in your house or apartment, and if there are more than two, consider your options. If your kitchen is large and can accommodate a long table, use it as your main dining room/eating area. This style is popular in Europe, where the table is an inviting center of family and friend activity, and the cook becomes a part of the gathering. It also frees up the Small Dining Room Designs for other uses.

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Small Dining Room Designs

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