7 Ways To Separate A Room With An Interior Canopy

The interior canopy, a rich idea to separate two rooms without real partition or big jobs. In a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom, the glass roof invites the light in our interior and gives style to the decoration.privacy room divider ideas minimalist room divider

Installing an interior canopy is the new approach taken by decorators to give the appearance of a workshop to our interior rooms of apartment or house. Decorative and practical, the canopy helps to better define the volumes, creates additional spaces while aeration by a beautiful luminosity the interior of our rooms.

Separate the bathroom with an interior canopy

Interior canopy for bathroom separatorsThe interior canopy the aesthetic solution to create intimacy in a loft. Here, it was used to separate the bathroom from a parental suite without weighing down. It also gives a glimpse of the decoration that has been reflected for months and of which one is proud! Successful bet: we take advantage of the view on a beautiful red brick wall industrial style from its bed. This model of customized canopy follows the shape of the roof and is equipped with a door so as not to be cold when leaving the bath.

Separate the living room with an interior canopy

Interior canopy home design ideasThe glass kitchen, a good idea to bring light into a room a little dark. It is perfect to visually enlarge the interior space without creating an open kitchen that lets smell and noise pass. Even if its panels are fixed, the glass partition also allows to watch the children who play on the sofa while preparing dinner! We can see here that the glass can also be combined with an interior decoration that is nothing like an industrial loft, as in this cozy room with a corner sofa decorated with multicolored cushions.Glass separator living room kitchen dividers


The interior designer Marion Lanoë used an internal canopy on a half-partition in BA13 to separate the TV corner from the dining room. This decorative idea avoids shrinking the living room, and defines spaces to create a really cozy resting corner. For more opening, one could opt for a canopy going from floor to ceiling. However, the solid foundation has the advantage of hiding the back of the TV and the clutter of unsightly cables. An idea to remember to avoid making the TV the center of its interior! Thanks to the glass roof, the room breathes and the beautiful decorative objects of this living room are displayed, such as the pretty blue toad armchair or the two low tables with a Scandinavian-inspired design.


A canopy as a separator for your interior

Home interior canopy dividersIt is not nice to go straight into someone’s living room. The indoor glass partition makes it possible to create an entrance hall in this old red brick factory. The black metal studs are very present to assert an industrial decoration assumed. They recall the other geometric lines traced by the steps of the stairs, the large library, and the electric wiring fixed to the wall in apparent gutters.Interior canopy home room dividers

More discreet, this canopy with its uprights painted in brown as the floor emphasizes the interior of the living room without imposing itself. It also highlights a beautiful ceiling in wooden paneling painted white. We like the square panels at the top and bottom that recall the design suspension in milk bottles. The light circulates freely and you enjoy a sense of space while delineating the room with subtlety.

An interior canopy separating spaces in the room

Interior canopy small space dividersWork and privacy is essential! However, because of lack of space, one is sometimes obliged to install his office in the room. It was decided here to separate it without hiding it completely behind an inner canopy. The windows are highlighted with three tapered suspensions that illuminate the desk as much as the resting corner. You can enjoy the television on the background while you are making your accounts, or you can look out the window for a short break.


Interior canopy bedroom dividers ideasIn a room under roof can risk weighing a room already enclosed under a low ceiling… That is why the interior canopy is a good solution to separate the bedroom from the bathroom or dressing room. Using the same paint colors in both spaces creates continuity. We choose to leave an opening like here, or we opt for a model of canopy with door to have privacy in its bath.

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